Kanon 1-15 SD batch released

As for the donations, I feel like we'll have enough after today. So don't feel obligated to donate after that. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. I'll be sure to respond to your e-mails tonight.

Donations for a new capping computer?

Hello! I'm here to ask for money today.

We've been working to set up a system for capping our own work raws in Japan lately. I thought we had a decent setup, but I guess not since it sort of ate it 8 minutes into Wizard yesterday. I mean, I kind of knew it wasn't a powerhouse of a machine, but after doing some investigation it apparently only has 1 gb or ram and runs at 1.66 ghz. Not terribly suited for being a media work horse.

If we could get a few hundred bucks, we could probably get our member in Japan a decent laptop or something. I can't really ask this person to put in any more money since the capture equipment was a few hundred dollars already. I'm willing to throw in about 100 bucks myself, so maybe a tentative goal of 400-500 would be good?

You can always donate via the paypal link at the top. I really hate to ask you guys for money like this, but sometimes we have to deal with the fact that money makes the world turn round. Anyway, thanks guys for your support as always!

Japanese Commercials!

JPCMHD put out a best of 2012 collection of commercials. Check it out!

See more at their blog: jpcmhdv2.tumblr.com


Super Hero Taisen X


True to the "next one's got to be bigger and badder", the next Super Hero Taisen movie will span studio systems with Super Hero Taisen X: Kamen Rider x Super Sentai versus the ChouSeiShin series.

When asked about what lead to this decision, Toei admitted that they really couldn't come up with a good reason for Kamen Riders and Sentai members to be fighting. So they're just going to beat up heroes from a different universe. "Hey, at least it's not Toei heroes that they'll be beating up. It's just some third-rate hero series that most people have forgotten by now, so it'll be great. So our goal this time is to have over a thousand stunt actors on screen in the big clusterfuck battle at the end."

The ChouSeiShin series was a hero series that aired from 2003 to 2006. It had two full year series and one 3/4 of a year series. The actors were rerported to have been grateful that people still remember then 10 years later. "Oh yeah, the kids that watched your show are now teenagers. It's the perfect time to reap their sense of nostalgia for childhood memories. This movie is going to be great."

Full disclosure: I meant to write this joke article a couple months ago when I saw these pictures online. At the time, Super Hero Taisen 2 wasn't actually a thing, but I guess it actually is now?

Pictures for our forums?

So I'm thinking of putting pictures in subforums. Just to give our forums a little color. It's not like vampires and goths are our main theme.

The Go-Busters forum for example.

If you want to suggest a picture, just put it in our splash pic thread or e-mail me.

I don't have any conditions at this point. Just don't make it too big. If it's not obvious where the pic should go, you should tell me that too. Thanks!


2012 in reflection

So how was 2012 for #TV-Nihon? Our biggest change, I think, was the addition of our wiki. I really like it as an information tool that we use when we work on our projects.

Akibarangers was a nice surprise for Sentai fans. We finished off Makai Senki from last year and started up Go-Busters and Wizard. All series that have been pretty fun to work on.

And of course, between all that is the backburner stuff, DVD and Blu-ray rereleases. Looks like we only finished off DaiRanger. Hopefully we can wrap up some of the other stuff next year.

Started the year off at 2844 releases and ended it with 3100. Not too bad.

Oh yeah, today I added the wiki links to all the series sub forums. If you guys can think of any other info that would be good for going there, let me know.


Ultraman Mebius 19 released

Let's start the year off with some Mebius.

Thread / Wiki


Final release of the year: Release 3100.5 Ranma 1/2

Oh hey, we actually released this before the year ended. Hurray! Plus it's an anniversary release too!

Thread / Wiki

And it stars Ema from Sh15uya!


Kamen Rider Kuuga 16 released

I will break the Batman!

Thread / Wiki

Splash sizes

I have some splash pictures here from someone named AG23 something. The resolution is 960x540, so we can't use these. They need to be 1280x720 for weeklies. Thanks.

Wizard Christmas Cake


Click link if you want to see what the Christmas cake associated with the Wizard phone call looks like. For some reason I'm stupidly impressed by the packaging for the strawberries. Beats those green plastic things that we get over here.

Help with our wiki

As usual, we can always use some good writers and editors for our wiki. Content creation is pretty easy, just write about what you're interested in.

The Monster Hunter wiki has a good beginner's guide.

If you want to goof around and try stuff, please do it on our sandbox page. Just hit edit and try it out.

See what people are currently editing with the Recent Changes page.

Fill out our Show pages or our People pages.

Something that I'd really like is if people who are watching our old series filled in information about those episodes. If you don't see an individual page for the episode, just create it and an editor will come by and fix it if it needs adjusting. Wiki's have a robust backup system so it's pretty easy to undo most errors and vandalism.



No Wizard or Go-Busters next week (12/30)


Not airing since Japan takes the week off for New Years.

Kamen Rider Wizard 16 released

Christmas isn't over yet! Thanks to Santa Luna, we have a special call from Wizard to you.

Thread / Wiki

Happy Birthday, Messiah!

Our Crimbo helpers have worked hard to bring you Go-Busters 44 today!

Thread / Wiki

It's a Crimbo Miracle! Go-Busters movie released!

Man, this movie had some awesome bonuses. Like it came with this map of Tokyo that shows where all the events of the movie happened.


It also came with the script for the movie! How awesome is that? Look at this thing, it has the character and actor names. The character ages. And on the bottom, you can see all the scene numbers that they're in!

This thing is crazy too. It's only 35 pages long, so it's like a page per minute of movie time. And according to this, there are 35 scenes total. Being a script writer for toku must be a pretty sweet job.

As for the movie itself, we're only releasing the director's cut this time. We figure that most people probably wouldn't notice the difference from the theatrical cut. First audio track is stereo, second is surround, and third is commentary. If you use a shitty video player that plays all the sound tracks at the same time, then you'll need to use a different video program. The included bonus is a creditless version of the ending song.

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