Sentai actors going to Powermorphicon

Mochizuk Yuuta i- Geki / Tyranno Ranger

Maeda Hiroshi  – Super Sentai Kamen Rider Suit Actor / Stuntman

Takeuchi Yasuhiro – Super Sentai Suit Actor / Stuntman

Thanks to Kiryu for the tip.

Streaming in half an hour

So 5 PM Pacific. You can join Twitch chat

There's also ways of connecting to it via IRC if you're savy.

Let's see how Battride 2 is!

Will be streaming Battride II later today

There's my Twitch channel:

Battride II thread

Also, trying to create a thread where we can practice the art of conversation. Won't you join us?

Kanon 16-26 SD batch remade

The original batch was missing episode 18. If you were on the previous torrent, please cancel that, download the new torrent and point it at your folder to resume. Thanks!

Garo -Makai no Hana- 14 released

No 1080 version this time because both our cappers didn't work.

Thread / Wiki

Kanon Batched up!

Go grab 'em if it pleases you.

July 7 Tanabata Day!

It's Tanabata!

Man, I'm in the mood for rewatching Densha Otoko. Do we have any kind of talented people who'd want to edit the TV audio so that it matches the DVDs?

And would someone like to adjust the scripts to match the DVD version?

I also don't remember if I posted this pic, so I'm posting it here. Because I can! Huzzah!

Happy Fourth! W 02 Blu-ray edition released

No Garo this week (think it's soccer?) so have some W instead!

Thread / Wiki no longer available in the US

Please use an alternate file service or can someone please upload mirrors to another site? Looks like this affects Gaim and other recent series. Thanks!



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