Dear Toei

Please release a Kamen Rider Blade 10 years After Blu-ray boxset.

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Shougeki Gouraigan 05 released

Yup, that was Hijii Mika of Garo fame last week.

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You're going to a Rider War, what item do you bring?

Saw this on tumblr and couldn't resist reblogging it here. I'm amazed he got that all in one shot. Check out the guy's page:


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November 3rd news

Besides turning our clock backs we have...

Shinkenger coming out on Blu-ray.

Takaiwa Seiji turns 45 years old today

Also our wiki is down at the moment.

BTW, Kyouryuu and Gaim are on break this week

It's for some sports thing.

Gouraigan aired as scheduled, so there's that at least.

Kyouryuuger 35 released

Everyone gather around Nobu Buddha.

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Garo Appreciation Day Promo

Happening November 23rd.


Transformers Go! Samurai 1-3, Shinobi 1 HD 1080 v2 released

Version 2 released to fix frame drop issues in previous encodes. Special thanks to BF3000 for his encoding advice. Since the SD were encoded from the DVDs, they don't have this issue.

If TakaraTomy follows their past pattern, Shinobi Chapter 2 will be on their youtube in a couple days.

Sailor Moon 20 DVD released

I'm a bit behind on keeping up with these calendar pics. We should be into February of 2004 by now!

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Kyouryuuger 34 released

Quick, team! Group Hadoken the monster!

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Shaider 03's music videos

Just giving a plug to his music videos:

If you do something creative, let us know and I'll give a front page plug for it.

KR Gaim 3 released

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I keep forgetting to talk about the kanji in this series.

Gaim (Gai-mu 鎧武)

Gai 鎧 - Means armor. It's also GokaiSilver's name and probably the kanji for Kamen Rider Gai from Ryuki.

Mu 武 - Means armed/warrior. Might sound familiar since Musha (Warrior) is often heard in terms of samurai. Also the second word in Kurosawa's movie Kagemusha which means Shadow Warrior.

Okay, so keeping that in mind. Armored Rider Gaim means Armored Rider Armored Warrior.

Also, Mai 舞 is the Japanese word for dance.

It must be fun to be in an anime and just have your destiny written out for you in your name.

Shougeki Gouraigan 03 released

Andou Haruka as Morita Ryouko, Hitomi's friend.


Shimegi Enoku as Rai's human form.

Also we could use more Gouraigan splashes. Thanks!

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Just plugging the eleventh anniversary batch again

Since I do want people to download this batch (I personally think it's super neat), here's some of the new stuff:

  • GenSeiShin JustiRiser CGI short movie
  • Mahou Sentai MagiRanger's junctions. Watching this is like watching a digest of the series. It covers a lot of stuff. Strange how Kamen Rider includes its junctions, but not Sentai (in general)
  • Zoids Genesis CGI bonus 1.
  • Kamen Rider Decade's junctions.

But in general, it's just really kind of amazing to look at the artistry with which the karaokes were made over the past 11 years. Especially early on, when all the special effects were written by hand. (With Aegisub you can automate the code generation to some degree).

I just think it's fun to see the older stuff in higher quality and a higher resolution. Even some of the relatively newer stuff like the Gokaiger endings noncredit versions are fun to watch, because there's so much detail within the video itself. Check it out yo!

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