Update on the capper

Thanks to everyone who helped us buy the new capper. We didn't get it in time to record Toqger VS Gaim, but luckily there were no problems in this week's recording.

I was a bit worried, since we lost control of the capper a couple weeks ago and left it recording an hour. But when we checked that video, everything past the 8 minute mark had gotten corrupted. Not sure what happened, but it's something I've seen happen once or twice before.

But yeah, our fellow in Japan has the new capper and is playing with it now. I'm getting reports that all is well and everything is functioning the way we expect it to be. We'll put it through its real test this weekend (Wait, does the new Garo air this Friday?)

In any case, I just wanted to thank you guys again. The capper was entirely funded by the fans. More reliable weekly raws means more stability, better work flow, less stress, etc. It's all good.

What's the deal with letter grades in Japanese culture?

So I was listening to episode 146 of the Video Games Hotdog podcast and Zack was musing about why Japanese seem to affix a letter grade to everything. In this situation, he noticed that weapons in Dark Souls and Bravely Default would have a letter grade to indicate how good it is. And I'm sure we've all played a Japanese game where you got a letter grade that goes all the way up to S ranking.

Even Lock Seeds in Gaim have a D to S ranking.

Anyone know why this came to be or where it came from?

TOQ hoodies?

So our member butyoumight is making Toqger hoodies. Check out her post for more details

Thanks to everyone!

Bought the capper and sending it now.

Garo Beast of the White Night Version 3 released

Nothing like looking at these sketches to realize that Garo is a world into Director Amemiya's imagination. The images are in the torrent batch, so no need to download them separately, but here's a link anyway:

Imgur for images

No specific reason for the rerelease. I just wanted to show my friend the video, so I wanted to encode it using the latest encoding techniques we have. There's a few mistake corrections too. This is one of my all time favorite toku movies, so I hope you guys enjoy it if you haven't seen it yet.

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Whoops, I left out some pictures in the torrent batch. Here they are:

Let's learn about samurai flags

Thanks to the person who pointed this out:


Apparently samurai of all ranks could wear these back mounted flags. The symbol on them could vary, but typically was of the daimyo's crest for easy identification during battles.

An elite samurai (wow, that's an awesome term) would sometimes have a more personalized symbol on his sashimono.

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Indie Sentai Game


If you're interested, go check it out.

Blast from the past: Boukenger the Movie HD release (And bonuses)

Includes a bunch of commercials as well as the non-credit opening and ending from last year's anniversary. Not a lot of people downloaded that pack, so I figured it'd be fun to throw them in this batch too.

You might see someone familiar in the movie if you've watched Garo: Yami wo Terasu Mono.

Enjoy this nostalgic trip to the past. It's pretty crazy that was 8 years ago. Almost a decade.

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Gaim 22 released

Up to 720 only since our capper went out again. Sorry! Will just have to redo it when the blu-ray comes out.

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Ryuki getting a Blu-ray collection

Guess we know what's coming after Faiz. First set comes out July 11.




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