Kanon 20 released

I'm currently reuploading Super Hero Taisen, so if you've had audio problems, a version 2 is coming out. Till then, savvy forum user Venares has written a bat program to convert the surround sound track to stereo, which should help with the compatibility.

By the way, why do you think Toei movies are as bad as they are? Contribute to this thread!

And if you haven't noticed, http://wiki.tvnihon.com/ is the new url for our wiki. There's no excuse to forget it now!

Kanon 20

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It's War! Super Hero Taisen Released!


We also have "We are Brothers" thanks to Yaiba. Also check out the cool GokaiSilver Dice-O CM.


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We Are Brothers

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Kanon 1-12 HD batched

Gokaiger 32-51 SD Batch released

So I went through my Blu-Rays and capped these going off this list. Looks pretty nice together. To download the full size you need to use the download option I think.

Edit: Oops, I lost the all silver one for some reason. Sorry!

Agito 1-20 batch released


Ready to go, Count Zero!

Gokaiger 43-51 HD batch released

Please reenjoy Gokaiger while we're working on Super Hero Taisen.

Go-Busters 39 released

Happy Thanksgiving! Also, why isn't this a real thing?

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Trivia: Did you know that the Japanese word for Turkey is Shichimenchou? That means "bird with the seven faces".

WTF does that mean, Japan?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!

Oh, according to the wiki, it's because when turkeys get excited, their skin color changes from, red, to blue, to purple.


Garo in Wonderland?


Guess this is the movie poster. Looks pretty good! The text on the upper right says "Going to the promised land... all alone." Hopefully that's not literal or it'll be as boring as Red Requiem.

Kamen Rider Wizard lyrics


Oh yeah, for the last two weeks now we've been using the corrected opening lyrics for Wizard. Meant to mention it with the release of the music video.

Kamen Rider Wizard 11 & Music Videos released


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Difference between the music video versions:

-We had an HD raw for the normal version.

-I bought the Ikusa/Battle first press version which came with the Battle music video. This version focused on the fighters. This is just a DVD so there's no HD version for it.

-I didn't pick up the Oni/Kiryuin version because I had no idea what it was. But I think it'd be safe to say it's the version that focuses on the singer, so screw that.

Life is showtime wiki article

What's gagiin and boubou mean?

Burn, baby, burn!


It's probably like shakiin which is just the sound effect for a flash sound. Either that or it's the sound of scraping metal sliding into place.


This one's easier to answer since I can just grab it off a dictionary. It's the sound of something burning. http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/leaf/je2/69893/m0u/%E3%83%9C%E3%83%BC%E3%83%...

More Wizard Splashes please

Could we get more of them? (1280x720 format) You guys are the best. Thanks!

MagiRanger Movie Meeting released

Hmm, maybe I should have saved all those recent MagiRanger pictures for this release. Oh well, you can just click the MagiRanger tag and see them in previous posts.

Yeah, wiki's down again :(



Go-Busters 38 released

What the hell happened to your faaaaaaaaaaace?!


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