New Server and Website Transfer

Over the next few days, each part of the website will be going down in order to transfer them to a new server. The wiki will be the first to be transferred. The transfer needs to be completed before June 1.

Splash request?

Can I get a TimeFire splash? 640x480 please.

Always need new splashes for new forms and stuff for Amazons, Ex-Aid, and Kyuu, of course!


Keibuho Yabe Kenzou: Jinkou Zunou vs Jinkou Zumou 03-5 released, series complete!

I'm sorry that this isn't a picture of his butt.

Please enjoy this comedy drama featuring Kamen Riders.

My Legend 3: Thread / Wiki

My Legend 4: Thread / Wiki

My Legend 5: Thread / Wiki

Ultraman Cosmos?

Does anyone have good quality raw videos for these? Let me know if you do! Thanks!

Jyuohger VS Ninninger released (at last)

Also, the HD version has episode 19 encoded from the Blu-ray, since we only had a HD720 release for that one before.

Thread / Wiki


Oh yeah, this also comes with Doubutsu Taisen 3: Thread / Wiki

KR Amazons Season 2 Ep 6 released

Because you need to see Iyu happy. Happy birthday!

Thread / Wiki

KR Ex-Aid 31 released

Jacket of winners

Thread / Wiki


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