Change in Dropbox settings

We're doing a slight change to the distro through dropbox format. When you message me, let me know whether you prefer SD releases, HD 720 releases, or HD 1080 releases. We've broken these up into folders so you don't have to download each version of the file.

I've also created a thread for technical issues or questions that people might have:



Need help with Ultraman Dyna


Do we have any Dyna fans here? We've basically got the whole series translated, but we need people to look it over and make sure it passes quality checks. If you're interested in helping, send me a PM on the forums.

It's basically all done and watchable, but we want people to look it over to give us feedback.

Hiring people to do QC

Hiring people to do QC. That includes spotting errors and making suggestions. Send me a forum PM if you're interested.

We have too many projects and not enough QC people to look at them all. If you want to help with any of the following series, consider becoming a QCer to help us:

Amazons S1 7-13 Blu-ray
Blade 4-6 Blu-ray [60fps]
Decade 6-11 Blu-ray
Dyna 21-51 Blu-ray, Hanejiro Returns, CMs, OP
Orb Origin Saga 4-5
PGSM 32-36
Sasuke 34 CM

Agito 1-4 Blu-ray [60fps]
Amazons S1 1-6 Blu-ray
Decade 1-5 Blu-ray
Dyna 11-20 Blu-ray
Goseiger Returns Blu-ray
Keibuto Yabe kenzou 5-8
Zero Dragon Blood Blu-ray 5-8

KyuuRanger 37 v2 released

Had a typo, v2 out!

Release 4200: KyuuRanger 37 released

"Off with his head!"

Blaze it release 4200

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 01-04 Blu-ray version released

As some of you know, Zero -Dragon Blood- is one of my favorite toku series in the past few years. I mean, the fan ratings were consistently almost 90-100% 5/5 stars per episode.

So here it is again, in Blu-ray format! The main change is that we use the corrected karaoke from after the lyrics were released, but we made a few changes here and there.

Anyway, this is the definitive version. It's going to replace the original 1080 releases. They're going to be a bit larger sizewise, since I gave them more bitrate. But it's worth it for such a great series. If you haven't seen it yet, or just want to rewatch, here you go! Once all the episodes are released, it'll get rebatched into on big series batch.

01: Thread / Wiki

02: Thread / Wiki

03: Thread / Wiki

04: Thread / Wiki

Want someone to look over Zero DB Blu-ray version

Just to make sure I timeshifted the scripts right. PM me at takenoko on the forums if you're interested.

Zero DB + Manga SD batch released

Where's the HD batch? It's a mystery.

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KyuuRanger 36 v2 released

Fixed a couple errors.


Having trouble logging into the forums?

For people having trouble logging into the site, try this?





If it still doesn't work, tell me what OS and browser you use. You can send me an e-mail.



KyuuRanger 36 + CM released

Episode of Stinger is in QC now. Please be patient~

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Do you believe in supporting commercial releases? Do you only like fansubbers? Something inbetween? Vote in our poll!

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