KR Decade Blu-ray 04 released

Don't piss off Natsumikan!

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KR Decade Blu-ray 02 released

Remember when Decade met the president of Japan?

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Happy New Year! KR Decade Blu-ray 01, junction, and trailer v2 released

Happy New Years!

Why a v2? Well, gather around and I'll tell you some good and bad news. The bad news, Lunagel decided Decade needed more QC, thus crushing my soul and draining me of my vitality.

The good news: Better subs!

So it's taken a while, but I've got 1-5 queued up to release over the next week. Let's start the year off by journeying through the decade~

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Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2 08 released!

Featuring Chalice's actor!

And that concludes the second tale of the world's best detective.

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Kamen Rider Build 16 Released!

Share this solid gold statue of Ichigou for luck in the coming new year.

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KyuuRanger 43 + Movie released

43: Thread / Wiki

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No Kyuu or Brave next week! Build even? Whatever!! Happy New Years!

Commercial Pack 2017 Dec released

Some funny stuff this time. Also, the OOO CSM promo. And part 5 of Pepsi Momotarou, the longest commercial series! When will it end???

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[T-N]Sasuke 34_CM_Pack_HD[014F23AD].mp4

KR Decade Blu-ray 01, junction, and trailer released

Because we can't focus on anything, here's Decade! (We were doing all these around the same time, not that it's an excuse, but this is how it's shaking out.)

The 01 is in 1080 resolution, while the junction and trailers are in 480 resolution, because Toei just copied the footage from the DVD.

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Donation mark hit

We've received donations to keep the servers running another year! Thank you as always to everyone who donated.



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