Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 45 Released!

This episode has one redeeming feature and it's shirtless Bamba.

More please.


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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 44 Released! (and movie v2)

I'm sparing you but there were THREE Super Sentai Party commercials in the episode this week.

Takenoko accidentally put the effect images in the wrong folder when encoding the movie so the efffects were all wrong. No dialogue has changed so if you don't care about effects then just keep the version you have.


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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 42 Released!

Boy what a loveable and engaging and totally plot-relevelant character Ui is, I sure hope she appears for many more episodes to come.

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Passed my JLPT N1! (xiiliea)

6 months of hard work finally paid off! /me nudges takenoko and Lunagel to pass JLPT too.

Transformers Go! batch cleaned up

Got rid of redundant files in the Go! batch. Did you know the original batch has both the original and a v2 for episode 2? What was I thinking? Also, deleted the SD version if a HD version is available.

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KR Hibiki batched

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Because I'm fussy, I renamed the first 28 files so they show up in alphabetical order:


More Ultraman US Releases from Mill Creek yet again!

Official Mill Creek's Ultraman US releases | Thread

We've pulled off the following:

  • Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga
  • Ultra Fight Orb
  • Ultraman X the Movie

Knowing most of the torrents have 0 seeds, I decided to release a batch on the tracker, consists of our misc Ultraman releases.

  • Ultraman Orb Unlicensed Batch
  • Ultra Zero Fight
  • Ultraman X the Movie (Ending Only)
  • Shin Ultraman Retsuden: Tiga Special
  • Shin Ultraman Retsuden: Type Change Heroes
  • ULTRAMAN Motion Comics 23-26

Yet again, please support the official releases.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Trailer

I have a jewel. I have a magic. UNHHHHH Kiramager~

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KR Zero-One 18 released

Still using broadcast raws, the stream raws are still having quality problems apparently.

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LupinRanger VS PatRanger Another Nigou 02 v2 released

So this is funny, apparently the audio or the subtitles are totally out of sync with the video. Thanks to Verus for alerting us to this fact. Better late than never!

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Ryusoul 40 SDv2

I wasn't paying attention and used the wrong audio file. HD and 720 are unaffected


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