Garo 04 Blu-ray released. It's not over yet!

Fool, did you think it was over?!

Here's lost episode 4. You can block drugs from TV, but you can still get it on Blu-ray.

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 0 more days, episode 1 released

Of course there's a 0 day on the countdown, shoulda known.

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Translator for working on bonus footage stuff?

Going through the Garo bonus disc now. And there's like 175 clips on this disc. I was thinking that it's a real shame that we don't have time to work on this stuff, since I'm sure it's pretty interesting.

I don't suppose someone would be interested in like timing and translating that stuff for us? There's no captions so it'll all be translating by ear. If you think you can handle this, send me a forum PM.

TimeRanger release explanation

I'm just going to steal VIRGE'S suggestion:

After a long hiatus, we're resuming our subbing of TimeRanger. This time Xiiliea will be translating the series, so we're going to release updated versions of the first 15 episodes to be more consistent with the rest of her translation. Please check it out!

Also, if you want to help QC for KyuuRanger, Time, Deka, Blade, or anything else we're working on, please send me a PM on the forums. Thanks!


TimeRanger 01-05 released

This time it's headed by xiiliea. Please check it out! Also, if you want to help QC for KyuuRanger, Time, Deka, Blade, or anything else we're working on, please send me a PM on the forums. Thanks!

I'll just release the wiki links, you can find the thread link on the right side.

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Garo 25 Blu-ray and CM released

Garo first series complete! But wait, Blu-ray versions probably coming. Episode 4. Smile. And Beast of the White Knight!

Also Zero starts in less than 12 hours! Crazy!

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 2 more days

I think you know the drill by now. Guess who days 2 and 1 will be? Thread and wiki link in earlier posts.

Garo -Makai Retsuden- 12 Blu-ray version released (In the Makai Retsuden Batch)

Sorry it took a while for me to do this one. Here's the Blu-ray version to replace episode 12.

Also the HD version of Makai Retsuden and the Bikuu movie are now batched. That's where you'll find the new encode.

Oh yeah, does someone want to buy this Garo wall scroll from me? Luna sent it to me and I don't have anywhere to hang it. E-mail or message me if you're interested.

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 4 more days!

Enjoy the new year with Mari! Day 4 is Haga Yuria!

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Self plug: My best blog posts

Thanks to this fun little tool:

You can see my all time bests posts per month (and year)!

Seems like a fine enough way to look back on the previous year

Which are your favorites?

417 notes on the Ex-Aid dance, crazy!

88 notes on the pirate cat from Last Unicorn, need to see the text to get it:

There's also previous years too.

Discussion thread

Have a safe new year's everyone!

Garo 24 Blu-ray version and promos released

So we screwed up recording episode 24, but it's okay. We've got the Blu-rays now! So yeah, we've got this, 25, Smile, and episode 4 working in the background now. And Beast of the White Night later!

Just a reminder that there's no Super Hero Time this week. Happy New Year!

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Jyuohger 43+cm released

Sorry for the late release! Holidays and all.

We've got the Garo Blu-rays, so all those are getting done and released as we finish them. Hope everyone's having a good holiday! No Super Hero Time next week, so hopefully that'll be what we're working on.

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KR Ex-Aid 12 released

Special guest, disposable child actor 142 and Miwa Hitomi.

Been out for a day! Sorry about the late post!

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