Need a timer for LuPat

Urgently need a new timer for LuPat. Willing to train for the job.

KR Decade 13 Blu-ray released

It's almost time for the next Decade

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Timer wanted

Inquire inside. Ask for takenoko

Ghost SD batch v3 released

I overlooked two bad files. Sorry! I know there's a lot of apathy regarding this series, but we should still be better than this.

Ghost Batch v2 released

Made some mistakes with the first batches, so they've been redone. It's still not seeding quite right, but that should fix itself with time.

Ghost HD/SD batch released (Sorta)

The batch torrent is up, but it's not seeded. I triggered the original seeder like 10 minutes ago, but it still hasn't responded. I didn't have a back up set up... soooo.... At least it's up, I guess? Hurray?

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Kamen Rider Movies rebatch released

Contains Kamen Rider The First, The Next, J, ZO, SD Riders, Shin, G, Renaider, and bonuses.

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J Thread / Wiki

ZO Thread / Wiki

SD Thread / Wiki

Shin Thread / Wiki

Fairy Musketeers Akazukin rebatched

Rebatched the TV series and OVA. Going to be doing a few of these, so keep an eye out if you've been wanting some of these older series.

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Kamen Rider Build 33 Released

Kamen Rider Build Special Event, whatever that is!

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Abusing for personal gain

It’s taking me and my friend 90ish minutes to get through the Kulve Taroth quest in Monster Hunter World. Can we get some help?

My PSN name is takkynoko

Kamen Rider Build 32

I steal boxes.

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