Jyuohger 26 released

Just going to steal the joke from the tumblr post where I got these pics: Toei clearly ships something here

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Garo -Makai Retsuden- SD Batch release

The guy who does the narration for Garo is also the guy who reads the title card for the Resident Evil games. His name is Ward Sexton. He also narrates for Music Station.

I'm going to hold off on doing the HD batch till the Blu-rays come out.

Play Moirai, it's 10 minutes long

Don't look anything up. It's free on steam.


When you've played it, tell your story in the thread:



Ultraman Nexus Manga

So I finally posted scans from the manga on my blog.

I also wrote a thread about it for the forum. I talk a bit about the manga in general, as well as note some changes between the manga ending and the TV ending.

Finally, I wrote up the specs and information about the chapter releases on our wiki.

Check it, Luna translated a manga


If you liked Kenshin or are interested in old Japan or maybe just want to try something new, check out Lunagel's side project she's been working on. Isabella Bird in Wonderland is a currently 2-volume manga series about a Scottish explorer who traveled from Tokyo to Hokkaido in the late 1800s, the first Westerner to go up that path. It's an interesting look at old Japan and the culture that still exists somewhat today. Give it a look!



Den-O questions

http://winter-queen-miharu.tumblr.com/p ... bout-den-o

I don’t recall proper explanations being given for either of these so if anyone has answers I’d be most grateful.

1) How does one become a Singular Point?

2) How do passes/tickets work? How do you get one?


Kaigan! Ghost 44


This show had better have a flipping amazing ending.

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Jyuohger 25 released

How Jyuohger relations work<br />
How I want the relations to work<br />
You can also replace “relations” with “stories”

How Jyuohger relations work


How I want the relations to work

You can also replace “relations” with “stories”

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No Garo this week

Olympics. Episode 7 of the Garo Remasters will air this weekend instead.


Garo -Makai Retsuden- HD720 Batch release

Also includes Bikuu the Movie

HD and SD batches coming soon.

Kaigan! Ghost 43

Adel! Cover your shame man!

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Garo Remaster 06& CM v2 released

Reencoded and released. Sorry about earlier!

Garo Remaster 06 recall

Looks like I encoded it with last week's script. Please wait for a v2.


Ninninger 24-47 and movie batches released

If you like this art, please check out the artist's website.

Batch includes

  • 24-47
  • Movie
  • Returns
  • VS Toqger

Remember that if you were on the torrents before, you can complete the files by moving incomplete files to the batch folder.

Polls/series discussion thread

Was 2.82 / 5 stars in February (68 votes)

Now it's 2.50 / 5 stars currently (121 votes)

Take that how you will.

Kaigan! KR Ghost 42


Takeru, where the hell did you find a Charmander? I've been searching everywhere for one!

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