Kiramager 26 will be delayed for a while

Hi, I know Kiramager 26 isn't out yet, but we're waiting on some stuff first before releasing, so thank you for your understanding! Kiramager 27 is being worked on already, so it won't be held up because of this.

Typesetter still needed for Saber

I still need someone to typeset Saber and to create effects for it.Translations are usually done Saturday night Pacific time and typesetting is expected to be done by the next day in general. If you have the skill set and are interested, let me know

Kamen Rider Saber 05 Released


Saber says wash your damn hands.

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KR Saber 04 released!

Masukde is one of my favorite Rider illustrators, check out his tumblr and pixiv page!

If you have any artist recommendations, feel free to send me a link!

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Typesetter for Saber?

Hi all,

Still need a typesetter for Saber. Expectation is to apply styles and create effects for the episode. Ideally would work either Saturday night or Sunday morning California time. Will be expected to respond to qc feedback and adjust as needed. If you're interested, send me an e-mail or a forum PM.

KR Zero-One Anime Everyone's Daily Life 03 released

Saber 02 coming soon, sorry it's taking a while, working out some kinks!

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Ultraman R/B Unlicensed Batch released!

Just pulled off our releases from the tracker.

CMs, deleted scenes and countdowns (from the movie) are all what's left in one single batch.


KR Saber 01 released!

May we present you with the toilet tube of passing

Thanks to everyone for being patient as we ironed out the kinks. Maybe more changes to come!

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Happy KAIXA day!

Ultraman R/B Batches to be pulled out soon

Taking this as a notice for those who are outside the US.

Expecting to pull out the whole R/B releases from the tracker in a few days since the US release from Mill Creek is a month away (from this post).

As always, support the official release.


Ending karaoke effect for Saber?

I still need some karaoke effects for the ending song for Saber. Send me an e-mail if you're interested

Forum Profile Options Changed

In a change that was frankly long overdue, there is no longer a boolean checkbox for male/female for forum profiles. It has been changed to an optional field to chose gender to display on your profile. New users can fill this out when registering a forum account, current users will need to edit their profiles for these new options to show up.

takenoko wants your unsolicited life advice

The headline is bit sarcastic, but I actually do what to hear from people about what they do to find their work/hobby/life balance



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