15th anniversary release: Commercial Pack


Check it out. There's a bunch of funny, amusing commercials in this one.

Of note, we did a translation of the Talking Zaruba commercial for Garo, and redid the Sentai toy commercial pack up to Boukenger that came in the Sentai Encyclopedia.


15th anniversary release: Go-Rider 1-3 from Blu-ray

We had originally captured Go-Rider from a stream, but here it is in Blu-ray quality. Enjoy!

Maze 1: Thread / Wiki

Maze 2: Thread / Wiki

Maze 3: Thread / Wiki

15 year anniversary

Hurray! It's pretty surreal to think that we made it this far.

Of course, we would never had made it this far without the help of the staff past and present, the fans, and everyone else who has supported us.

Remember you can always visit us on IRC, Discord, or Slack. You can find links to that and other neat stuff on our wiki:

Finally, we could always use new people to work with us. Just send me a PM if you're interested and tell me what you can do and what you'd be interested in working on.


Build 07 + Henshin Lesson 02 Released

Thinking about maybe setting up a mini-tournament once this comes out, would anyone be interested?

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Fusion Up! Ultra Fight Orb in full Blu-ray!

This comes with a commentary audio track. Commercials plus Ultimate Luminous Ultraman series were included.

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KyuuRanger 33 v2 released

Looks like someone caught one "special attack" line mistranslated. Changed for v2 release.

Kamen Rider Build 06 Released!

I always wear my superhero undies~


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UltraSeven X Licensed


Looks like go90 is streaming UltraSeven X with English subtitles. Never heard of that streaming service before.

In that case, we'll take down our releases from the tracker within 2-5 days. Please support the official release.

Fusion Up! Ultraman Orb the Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!

Creditless Ending, Da-ICE music video and Movie Manners v2 included.

On the other hand, we need more splashes for Ultraman Dyna. Something like one of Super GUTS members (character focus), machines, etc. Its resolution is 960x720.

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KR Build 04 released

Gi Ryoko is back! She guested on W, and was the wife of Dan Tomoyuki who played Weather Dopant.

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