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KyuuRanger 25 released

Everyone join the sex train.

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QCer wanted for old Sentai movies series

Last year Toei released a bunch of Sentai movies and straight to video movies on Blu-ray that hadn't been there before. A lot of these movies we released before from a DVD source. It'd be nice if we could get some people to help QC those videos.

Also, if you want to dual class as a timer or typesetter, we always need skilled help.

If you're interested. Sign up to the forum and send me a PM at takenoko. Tell me about your background and if you have any relevant skills that would help you as a fansubber.

Kyouryuuger Brave / Dino Force Brave batches released

Unfortunately, it looks like something borked in the seeder so I'll need some help with the initial seeding. Business as usual, eh?

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TimeRanger series thread/poll

Now that TimeRanger is done, please vote on it in the poll and participate in the series discussion thread


KyuuRanger 24 + CM + Henshin Lesson released

"You're a red, I'm a red, why can't we get along?"

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Pasadena, CA there is a new Kaiju and Tokusatsu Convention August 25th-27th.

Guests include
Kiriyama Renn - Shoutarou / Kamen Rider W
Furuya Bin - Ultraman
Kaneko Noboru - Shishi Kakeru / GaoRed, GaoRanger
Fukuzawa Hirofumi - GokaiRed suit actor
and many more!

More Jark Matter language!

Looks like there's more to the language, like punctuations! Thanks to Mxylv for pointing that out:


Kamen Rider Build Trailer Released!

I am going to science the shit out of this.

Trailer Discussion Thread


KyuuRanger 23 recall (already?!)

Looks like I encoded it with the wrong script! V2 coming post haste!

Yabe Kenzou 2 episode 1 released

The Trick spin-off with a million Rider references is back! Except this is series 2 (I guess someone already did series 1?) And I think the Zunou stuff we already subbed was the third series?

Anyway, get more quirky Japanese crime drama!

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Jyuohger Returns v2 released

Looks like a timing mistake and a missing -chan. Nothing major, but a v2 is available now!


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