KR Agito 01 (60fps, 480p, Blu-ray source) released

Same treatment as Blade! We haven't given up on Blade, we just have a few projects going on at the same time. People have been asking if we're going to keep working on Blade, and we intend to. We've got up to episode 11 in QC, just no promises on when they'll get released.

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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Brave and Snipe Trailer released


Don't bring a sword to a gunfight. Or bring both?

KR Blade 01 + Junction 1 (60fps, 480p, Blu-ray source)

New encode for Blade. Davinci030 found a better way of encoding the 60fps, so we're redoing the series using this format from here on. Because the Blu-rays are upscales, the 720p encodes didn't look good to me, so we're releasing only the original 480p versions from here on.

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Kamen Rider Build 12 Released

Only 40 more episodes before Decade 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Zero -Dragon Blood- Blu-ray version batch released

It's all in one torrent now. Go grab it!

Zero -Dragon Blood- 09-13 Blu-ray version and soundtrack released

And that's that. Hope you guys enjoy the Blu-ray version release! Batch probably coming up soon!

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KR Build 11 Released!

This week's Henshin Lesson, CM and the latest Heisei Generations FINAL trailer included!

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Change in Dropbox settings

We're doing a slight change to the distro through dropbox format. When you message me, let me know whether you prefer SD releases, HD 720 releases, or HD 1080 releases. We've broken these up into folders so you don't have to download each version of the file.

I've also created a thread for technical issues or questions that people might have:



Need help with Ultraman Dyna


Do we have any Dyna fans here? We've basically got the whole series translated, but we need people to look it over and make sure it passes quality checks. If you're interested in helping, send me a PM on the forums.

It's basically all done and watchable, but we want people to look it over to give us feedback.

Hiring people to do QC

Hiring people to do QC. That includes spotting errors and making suggestions. Send me a forum PM if you're interested.

We have too many projects and not enough QC people to look at them all. If you want to help with any of the following series, consider becoming a QCer to help us:

Amazons S1 7-13 Blu-ray
Blade 4-6 Blu-ray [60fps]
Decade 6-11 Blu-ray
Dyna 21-51 Blu-ray, Hanejiro Returns, CMs, OP
Orb Origin Saga 4-5
PGSM 32-36
Sasuke 34 CM

Agito 1-4 Blu-ray [60fps]
Amazons S1 1-6 Blu-ray
Decade 1-5 Blu-ray
Dyna 11-20 Blu-ray
Goseiger Returns Blu-ray
Keibuto Yabe kenzou 5-8
Zero Dragon Blood Blu-ray 5-8

KyuuRanger 37 v2 released

Had a typo, v2 out!

Release 4200: KyuuRanger 37 released

"Off with his head!"

Blaze it release 4200

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