Ginga 8 released

Ultraman Ginga 7 released

After a break, Ultraman Ginga is back. Here we are in the second half of the series.

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Ultraman Ginga Ex 1 released

Just the SD and HD 720.

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Ultraman Ginga 06 released

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Also congratulations to #TV-Nihon. It's our 11th birthday today!


Ginga 3 released

Ultraman Ginga 2 released

Looks like the seeder isn't working. Maybe someone will come along and fix it later?

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Ginga 1 released

Thanks to everyone who worked on this show. Ginga 1 released. We didn't cap the first episode so no 1080 version. Sorry!

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Mebius 21 released

Ultraman Mebius 19 released

Let's start the year off with some Mebius.

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Hikari Saga 2 released

I'm told this comes next in the chronology.

Hikari Saga 2

Trivia: The voice actor for Ultraman Hikari does the monster of the week's voice in Go-Buster this week. So look forward to that.

Ultraman Mebius 15 version 2 released

Sorry, we screwed up. Here's version 2.

Ultraman Mebius 14 released


Celebrating the 5th year anniversary of not-subbing Mebius, here's episode 14!

In all seriousness, this is Zeta Gundam's baby. I believe he is doing both timing and translation for the project and basically this release would not be here without him.

Also, let's dedicate this episode to Tanaka Minoru who we lost last year. I always liked his portrayal of Captain Sakomizu and he was really good in the Accel movie last year. You left us too soon, man.

Go, Crew GUYS!


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