Initial D and Toku

So I really got into Initial D again a few months ago. I thought it'd be fun to see what the voice actors from the show have done in toku.


Miki Shinichiro: Fujiwara Takumi was Sieg on Den-O


Yao Kazuki: Iketani was Ninjaman on Kakuranger and Dr. Z on Akibaranger's first season.

Iwata Mitsuo: Itsuki was Bebaboo on Gokaiger and Ayakashi Gizarai on Shinkenger. If you watched GaoGaiGar, he also did Mic Sounders 13's voice.

Seki Tomokazu: Takahashi Keisuke was Bibidebi from MegaRangers aaaand a bunch of other stuff. More recently he's been the voice of the Gokaiger items as well as random voices on the AkibaRangers Season Tsuu.

Hiyama Nobuyuki: Nakazato Takeshi was Tachibana on Fourze. Plus he's done a lot of other rad anime/toku voices.


Fujiwara Keiji: Shouji Shingo was... Chida Nick? What?

Anyway, you can see the full list for the first season here.


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