Wizard Batches actually seeded (Sorta)

At least the HD's. Although the last two SD batches could use some love.


Wizard HD1080 batches on the tracker now

Note: Episodes 1-20 are HD720. This was before we started releasing in 1080 format for weekly episodes.

HD 01-10 Music Videos, Junctions 1-3, Meeting, Promos, CM, OP, Calls

HD 11-15, Junctions 4-5, Wizard & Fourze

HD 16-24, Junctions 6-7

HD 25-32, Junctions 8-9

HD 33-34, Super Hero Taisen Otsu, Super Hero Taisen Z

HD 35-42, HBV, Junction 10

HD 43-44, Majika Land, Movie

HD 45-53, Junctions 11-12, Quest 1-2

KR Wizard SD Batches released

If you were on them, seeding them before, please move to the new batches. (Please note that it will take a while to seed all three torrents.)

Remember that if you had a partially completed file, you need to move them into the folder [T-N]Kamen_Rider_Wizard for it to be continued with the batch torrent.

SD 01-16, Junctions 1-4, Music Videos, Promos, Wizard & Fourze movie DC, Journalist meeting

SD 17-32, Junctions 5-8, Super Hero Taisen Otsu, Super Hero Taisen Z, Music Videos

SD 33-53, Junctions 9-12, Majika Land, Movie, Wizard Quest 1-2, HBV, Music Videos

Kanon Batched up!

Go grab 'em if it pleases you.

Zero -Black Blood- Series Batch v2 released

Reencoded to fix the bad frames in the video. Sorry about that!

Annnnd... let's batch Gouraigan while we're at it

SD and HD batches up (or going up).

Nudity warning for the whole series.

Gouraigan forum.

Please enjoy the splashes that were made for us. It's always great to get stuff from the fans, you guys are  the best!

Fourze 19-30 HD Batch released

  • Fourze 19-30 HD
  • April Fool's Fourze 28 HD
  • Fourze 21-30 Deleted Footage Blu
  • Giant Step MV DVD
  • Bounceback MV DVD
  • Shooting Star MV DVD
  • Evolvin' Storm MV DVD
  • Junctions 1-2 Blu
  • Promos 1-2 HD

Go-Busters HD Batch 36-46 released

Yet another batch. Remember to resume if possible.

Also, if you're feeling generous with bandwidth, I should plug the

Torrents that need seeds page

Dealing with batch torrents

It's been a while, so it's probably worth covering this again.

If you have ANY files that are in the batch, it's worth it to START the batch. STOP the batch. Copy/cut the files you already have into your torrent directory. Then START the batch over again so it rechecks for the new files.

The reason you'd want to do it this way is so that it doesn't download those files again and helps upload those files to the swarm.

If you were on the torrents that were deleted, please move your partial files over so that it can be resumed in the batch torrent.

Remember that with torrents, it doesn't matter if the file is corrupt. Torrents can patch files for you, so they're super handy.


Fourze 38-48 SD batch released

Come! Let us partake in jolly co-op!

  • CM Pack 4
  • Finale DC + Trailer
  • Hyper Battle DVD
  • Quiz 4-7

Fourze 31-37 SD batch released

Man, a lot of stuff happened around this time.

  • Aesir April Fool's
  • CM Pack 3
  • Junction 7
  • MV Cosmic Mind
  • MV Evolvin Storm
  • MV Shooting Star
  • MV We are brothers
  • Quiz 3
  • Super Hero Taihen
  • Super Hero Taisen
  • Switch Special Report

Fourze 15-30 SD Batch released

  • CM Pack 2
  • Deleted Scenes 21-30
  • Ganbaride 1
  • Junction 1-6
  • MV Bounce Back
  • Nozama
  • Promo 1-2
  • Quiz 1-2

Maybe it'll have seeds, maybe it won't! But seriously though, I'm just tossing up batch torrents. It might take a while for stuff to get seeded as people rediscover the batches and help seed them.

Kind of relying on the community to come out and help seed for these (especially for the older series which have less interest for them)

Thread about batching stuff

Go-Busters HD Batch 13-23 released

Youko: J, what's kissing?

J: It's what Jin and Kei are always doing.

Youko: Where?

J: Where Youko can't see.

Also included:

  • 15-16 DC 720p
  • Movie 720p
  • Premiere Meeting 720p
  • Movie ED Creditless 1080p
  • CM Pack 01 HD
  • Promos 1-2 HD


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