Go-Busters SD Batch 32-46 released

Might as well get this out of the way

Also included:

  • CM Pack 2
  • Go-Bus VS Gokai

Go-Busters SD Batch 17-31 released

Also included:

  • The Movie
  • First commercial pack
  • Promo
  • Premiere Meeting
  • Go-Busters Vs Beet Buster Vs J


MRR 1-26 batched again

Was missing episodes 6 and 15. Remember to resume your old files if you were in the middle of downloading before.

MRR 27-53 and Mugenbine CMs batch released

This one includes MugenBurning's CM too.

If you want to resume, start the torrent, this will create a directory and some dummy files. Stop the torrent and copy and paste your old files into the new folder. Delete the torrent and start it again so it does a new hash check, this will resume your old files.

Machine Robo Rescue 01-26 batch redone

Grab it while it's seeded. If you were on the old batch, just move your files to the new one and restart your torrent. This will allow it to resume.

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Kanon 1-15 SD batch released

As for the donations, I feel like we'll have enough after today. So don't feel obligated to donate after that. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. I'll be sure to respond to your e-mails tonight.

Fourze 13-18 and AkibaRanger 1-13 HD Batches released

So I was double checking the AkibaRanger radio website and it looks like episode 10 was their last show.

Go-Busters 1-12 HD Batch released


I love how Ace is just back there.

Kanon 1-12 HD batched

Gokaiger 32-51 SD Batch released

So I went through my Blu-Rays and capped these going off this list. Looks pretty nice together. To download the full size you need to use the download option I think.

Edit: Oops, I lost the all silver one for some reason. Sorry!

Gokaiger 43-51 HD batch released

Please reenjoy Gokaiger while we're working on Super Hero Taisen.

Kamen Rider OOO 38-45, Let's Go Kamen Rider, and HBV batch

Looks like the seeder is missing a file, if you think you have it, please help seed.

Garo Makai Senki HD Batch end

Enjoy the smooth, rich taste of Garo... whatever this product is.

KR OOO 39-44 rebatched

Sorry about the rerelease, was missing 39. Now the batch size is 6 gigs.


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