Kamen Rider Den-O 31-42 HD released


A brand new batch of Den-O episodes in new HD format! Batch version 1!

Garo 19-25 with White Night, Red Requiem, and Kiba batch

Portent to nothing, we're releasing a Garo batch of everything that was released after the second half of the series. Guess that's it.

Resume them if you were in the middle of downloading them.

MegaRanger 1-18 batched

Image from this site:

Cool blue

If you were in the middle of downloading it, please put your incomplete files into the folder and resume it using the batch torrent.

Last HeartCatch Batch released, added DX 3

The big version of these pics can always be downloaded from our photobucket account:

The rest of the Kamen Rider W SD batch is up

W crew

If you were in the middle of downloading, just move the incomplete files into the folder and resume it with the batch.

W 33-44 SD batch released


Also includes Delusions 1-5, the A to Z movies, the Net movie, the rest of Healing Princess, and some music videos.

OOO 13-19 and Movie Core HD released


I guess he's calling her Anko. Don't know who she is.

Edit from KR Fia and a couple other people:

She's Sakura Kyouko (佐倉京子) fromPuella Magi Madoka Magica. Before her debut in the series, fans used to mispronounce her name as "Anko" instead of "Kyouko".

Goseiger 35-50 and other stuff SD batch released


I don't really know who these women are, but it appears to be Goseiger related.

In addition to the TV series, this also includes the movie, some Dice-O stuff, and some toy stuff. As well as the low quality music video featuring NOB, the guy who did the Boukenger opening.

Another batch will be released that will cover the Versus stuff.

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Remember that you can resume batch torrents

Transformers Tuesday has kicked off (Galaxy Force 1-19 rebatch)

Galaxy ConvoyConvoy

So I hear you guys like watching Transformers movies. How about watching a show where the story is actually about giant robots and not fucking Shia LaBeouf?

Here's a rebatch of episodes 1-19 of Galaxy Force. It includes the DVD version of episode 1 and the promo. Please help seed if you can.

What can I say about Galaxy Force? Galaxy Convoy and his team travel across the universe to prevent its destruction, all the while confronting Starscream and Noisemaze and Megatron and such. You see a lot of locations, meet a lot of characters. The animation and the battles were pretty exciting. The merchandising and toys for the show were pretty good.

Don't get me wrong, the three kids who appear are important to the show, as are other humans. But the robots are important too, and each of them have their own personalities and quirks. Frankly, I liked the kids in this show and didn't think they were annoying or in the way at all. It's still a story about the giant robots and their lives and their conflicts, which is something I hear is lacking from the Bay movies.

To top this off, this show had animation from Gonzo Studios and top notch opening and ending music. I mean, those songs really rock, both the first set and the second set.

So if you missed it the first time, check it out. The rebatch doesn't have anything new, it just includes the DVD version of episode one and the promo for the series. If you're a Transformers fan, you can't really go wrong with this series.

Galaxy Force forum

Remember that you can resume batch torrents

Last HD Precure Batch is up

Precure Precure

Includes the movie and all the other good stuff. The bonus footage either has the HD version of the SD files or a copy of the SD file, so if you grab all the HD batches, you should have at least one type of all the files without needing to mess with the SD batches.

And that should keep us set up until DX 3 comes out.

Den-O 1-12 HD

Replacing episode 5 with a v2 to correct a video glitch

OOO SD batch 1 released

Ankh and OOO

"You shall gather the Medals!"

Kiva HD release batch complete


I guess we released this? Who knew?

Pic from Oving's site. Fantastic artist. Just don't look at the adult version of his stuff, unless you're into that sort of thing:

Rebatch: Gransazer 1-20 and Rockman Axess EXE

Pic from this page

So as it may be apparent, I'm doing some clean up with the tracker. If you missed something before, now might be a good time to grab stuff while the seeds are fresh. Oh yeah, Sazer Visual/Ran from GS is in the upcoming Goseiger movie release. Look forward to it!

Speaking of which, can someone seed the Super Link and Galaxy Force torrents? There are people downloading from them but there's no seeds. And to segway from that...

There's been news that there might be a North American DVD release for the Japanese G1 Transformers. If that happens we'll probably pull the torrents, so grab them now if you want them


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