HeadMasters gets a release date?


Edit, new link:

Please begin pulling the files from your servers and whatnot so that we can support the region 1 release. Thanks!

Transformer Model Kits

Does anyone remember in the 80s, there were these Chinese model kits (you could buy them in Chinatown)

They were basically a kit where you put together a Transformer (I assume these were bootleged from the actual model). Plus it came with a stick of delicious orange gum

If anyone has any idea on what this toy series was called or where I can just look at pictures of the boxes or completed models of them, please let me know in this thread

Transformers Car Robots 5 released

Yes, we're still doing Car Robots. For the most part, I keep my promises, right?

What, did you think we were going to release Animated?


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