Wangan Midnight

Wangan Midnight licensed?

Maybe? A couple members of our group received takedown orders for our links on for Wangan Midnight. So far no request has come for our torrent links to be taken down, but that may happen in the near future.

Wangan Midnight 1080 v2 released

Sorry, fixed the audio now!

Like Initial D with Drake, Zeronos, and Snake, but not quite as good.

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Wangan Midnight with music video released

That should fix those unseeded music video torrents.

Wangan Midnight 1080 version released

Fixed up and released in 1080 format. Enjoy!

Does anyone have the HD versions of the Perfect Girls music videos archived? If so, I'd like to get those files so we can batch them with this movie. Please e-mail me using the contact link above if you do have them.

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