DaiRanger 38-50 batch released

Remember to resume with the batch if you were downloading the individual torrents.

Also, Mag pointed out some amusing trivia about DaiRangers from the Japanese wiki.

Dairenjaa Dairen-Ou, the Dairen is the Japanese pronunciation of Dalian, a region in China. Apparently it was originally going to be called Daikenja 大拳者 (Big Fist person).

There was a false long going rumor that it was going to be called Chuuka Sentai Chinaman (chuuka = Chinese, so that's redundant) but apparently that was debunked recently in the Super Hero Taihen net videos.

In the 90s they stopped making Sentai movies. In 1994 with DaiRanger, they did their first Super Hero Fair (ZO or J, Dai, and some Metal Heroes guy movie).

Happy Birthday! OOO 29-38 HD batch released

Remember to resume if you were downloading the individual torrents so that bandwidth isn't wasted. Thanks!

DaiRanger 19-37 Batch released

The funny thing is, I was in the middle of uploading this torrent 2-3 weeks ago when the site went down.

GameCenter [CX] Batch with all the future episodes released


Back when there were brackets around the CX.

I know this is sloppy, but I threw in the future episodes in that batch too. Like Transformers and the Ultraman ones. Maybe I'll rebatch them as more episodes come out.

Anyway, please move your files over if you were in the middle of downloading. And help seed too please, the seeder doesn't have these files either.

GameCenter CX 2nd season batch released


Just a batch of episodes 1-10 and the DS commercial. Please help seed since it looks like our automatic seeder doesn't have all the episodes.

I'm thinking of batching the out of order episodes and specials with the first season

Bouken 38-49 rebatched to include music video

Added the Nob Music Video that was released with the Gokaiger Boukenger tribute episode.

Please note the two file name changes:

-Added a CRC [T-N]GoGo_Sentai_BoukengerFightingMV[2F34E548].avi

-Got rid of the " avi" in the file name and replaced spaces with underscores: [T-N]GoGo_Sentai_Boukenger_Versus_SuperSentai[6F6C5636]DVDver2.avi
Originally it was this: [T-N]GoGo Sentai Boukenger Versus SuperSentai[6F6C5636]DVDver2 avi.avi


Decade rebatched. 25-29 with some movies. 30-31 and W & Decade Movie.


Split up the batches so they should be easier to digest now. Also added the missing music videos and promos.

Decade 25-31 HD Batch


Still doing clean up. We've got some loose ends with the HD music videos and promos though, so if someone wants to recreate the torrent and send that over, that'd be great.

Gokaiger 17-31 SD and 199 Heroes Batch released


Don't mind us, just doing a little New Year's cleaning.

Agito 6-8 version 2's released

Fixes the missing symbols during the transformation and nothing else.

Gokaiger 1-16 SD batch released

Just batching up the first 16 episodes and some odds and ends, nothing to see here folks!

OOO 20-28 and Let's Go HD Batch released

Let's go resume those half complete torrents with this batch torrent!

OOO 19-37 SD batch released

Heh, Hina-chan is so cute.

Remember to resume your files by moving incomplete (and complete) ones into the batch folder. Don't be lazy and waste people's bandwidth redownloading stuff you already have.

Kamen Rider Den-O 31-42 HD released


A brand new batch of Den-O episodes in new HD format! Batch version 1!

Garo 19-25 with White Night, Red Requiem, and Kiba batch

Portent to nothing, we're releasing a Garo batch of everything that was released after the second half of the series. Guess that's it.

Resume them if you were in the middle of downloading them.

MegaRanger 1-18 batched

Image from this site:

Cool blue

If you were in the middle of downloading it, please put your incomplete files into the folder and resume it using the batch torrent.

Last HeartCatch Batch released, added DX 3

The big version of these pics can always be downloaded from our photobucket account:

The rest of the Kamen Rider W SD batch is up

W crew

If you were in the middle of downloading, just move the incomplete files into the folder and resume it with the batch.


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