The actual Mister Voice has passed away ... ay/.138419

Voice actor Tanaka Nobuo has passed away. In the toku world, he was the voice for Mister Voice, as well as narrator for Sentai series from the very beginning (GoRanger, Changeman, TurboRanger, OhRanger, CarRanger). He even appeared in person on the second season of AkibaRanger.

I can't imagine not hearing Mister Voice again. It's a pity his character never made a reappearance in many of the toku callbacks.

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Meet MegaBlue

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Looks like Fanime in California is hosting Matsukaze Masaya.Since his MegaRanger days, he's also done voices in Go-Onger, Hurricaneger, Shinkenger, Kyouryuuger, as well as anime roles in Death Note, Sailor Moon, and video game roles like Ryo for Shenmue.


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