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KR Decade Blu-ray v2 for 03, 04, and 07 released

7 was missing a line that got moved off screen while I was editing it. Whoops! So here's a v2 for 3, 4, and 7.

As for Decade

More's coming out, I promise!

There's also going to be a v2 for episodes 3 and 4 for some typos and stuff. If you catch a mistake, alerting me as soon as possible is best (Preferably before I delete the current Blu-ray rip, since those take up a large space on the harddrive).

KR Decade Blu-ray 05 released

Kamen Rider Five Decades

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KR Decade Blu-ray 04 released

Don't piss off Natsumikan!

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KR Decade Blu-ray 02 released

Remember when Decade met the president of Japan?

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Happy New Year! KR Decade Blu-ray 01, junction, and trailer v2 released

Happy New Years!

Why a v2? Well, gather around and I'll tell you some good and bad news. The bad news, Lunagel decided Decade needed more QC, thus crushing my soul and draining me of my vitality.

The good news: Better subs!

So it's taken a while, but I've got 1-5 queued up to release over the next week. Let's start the year off by journeying through the decade~

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KR Decade Blu-ray 01, junction, and trailer released

Because we can't focus on anything, here's Decade! (We were doing all these around the same time, not that it's an excuse, but this is how it's shaking out.)

The 01 is in 1080 resolution, while the junction and trailers are in 480 resolution, because Toei just copied the footage from the DVD.

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KR Drive 35 & CM released

Morota Satoshi getting hands on with the directing.

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Decade was on the polls two weeks because of Drive's break. Only received a 3.78. People were a bit divisive about that one.

So what'd you think about Kamen Rider Kiva?

DiEnd CSM Driver

So this actually has English subtitles on its Youtube video. But they're terrible. The font is small, and the translator is obviously some random guy that they grabbed to do the English. He has no idea why one guy goes on about treasure and why the other yells "onore" constantly, so he just leaves it out. This is pretty much what you get out of most commercial translations.

You can compare for yourself here:


Decade tumblr

Happy birthday to Totani Kimito who turned 25 on May 7.

Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 02 & CM released


Yes, that is Inoue Masahiro as the villain. So this is Garo versus Decade the fanfic the TV show!

Click here for more actor trivia.

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Super Hero Taisen v2 out

Some people had trouble with the surround sound track, so the version 2 includes a stereo track as the main one. The surround sound track is the secondary track if you still want it. Somehow this is your fault, Decade!

If you already have the file, Venares has a nifty trick for converting it from surround to stereo:


It's War! Super Hero Taisen Released!


We also have "We are Brothers" thanks to Yaiba. Also check out the cool GokaiSilver Dice-O CM.


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We Are Brothers

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Join the User Group on the forums

What do the names Kabuto, Decade, Accel, Odin, and Chalice evoke when you hear them? Badassery? Coolness? Power and style? Exactly.

That's why I'm starting a new forum group to encapsulate these badass heroes. In case people aren't aware, if you go to the forum User Control Panel, you can go to Usergroups in the side menu. You'll see a list of open groups that you can join. If you set one as your default group, that can sometimes give you a special image above your avatar.

This will be a group for manly men like these. Something that captures the core of who they are and what they fight for...

Their little sisters.

Terui Ryuu, Kanzaki Shirou, Aikawa Hajime, Tendou Souji, and Kadoya Tsukasa. Entire plotlines for the TV series and movies have been about their relationships with their little sisters. Little sister is power! Cuteness is justice!

Is this little sister apprecation day? Maybe!

And so, Imouto Rider Group, start!

Man, I can't wait for Super Robot Taisen

My favorite part is the robots from anime series that I'm familiar with.

By the way, if you have problems playing your video, be sure to check to make sure it's complete and not corrupt. You can do this by:

A) Pointing a torrent at it. If it's not complete, the torrent will resume it and complete it (eventually, assuming there's seeds).

B) Checking the CRC. RapidCRC is good for that:


Also, stop using your system's default video player.

Try Gom player, VLC, or Media Player Classic


Eh, you can Google the rest.

What it doesn't need is a bunch of filler original heroes.



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