Kamen Rider Build

Kamen Rider Build 20 Released!

I got something hazardous for you~ In my pants~

(It's herpes!)

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The crests in Build



Hokuto is about “agriculture” hence the flower.

And Seito is about economics and military, hence the laurels and the coin behind the star.

So Touto is peaceful, hence the doves. But what’s the pattern that’s above them?


Rider Club Radio

" Check out my monthly tokusatsu podcast Rider Club Radio! I made these neat wallpapers for it. "


Kamen Rider Build 17 Released!


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Kamen Rider Build 16 Released!

Share this solid gold statue of Ichigou for luck in the coming new year.

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Kamen Rider Build 13 Released

Someone make me a cute bentou like this~

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Kamen Rider Build 12 Released

Only 40 more episodes before Decade 2: Electric Boogaloo

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KR Build 11 Released!

This week's Henshin Lesson, CM and the latest Heisei Generations FINAL trailer included!

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KR Build 08 v2 released

New release fixes a few translations. Including the opening karaoke since the official lyrics are out.

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