KR Wizard 02 released

Looks kind of like a wizard.

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Daimajin Kanon Commercials and ep. 18 released

Uchuu Inu Sakusen with Takanashi Rin

Even if you don't watch the show, check out the commercial page. It comes with a lot of non-Kanon commercials that are interesting. Especially this one, Uchuu Inu Sakusen. Someone watch that and tell me what it's about. All I know is that it has guest stars from various toku shows, and that girl is ShinkenPink.

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My Little Precious 01 Released


Bonus phone call thanks to Luna!

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By the way, we know that the TV-Asahi page spells the grunts' name as Ghouls. I just didn't want to use that because Ghouls in the west are more associated with undead and zombies.

So we took it back to the etymologicaly roots and used Ghul, since Ghoul comes from the Arabic word Al Ghul. Since the grunts have demon horns, I think a word that's more associate with demons is better. If this sounds familiar, that's because the Batman villain Ras Al Ghul has it as part of his name, plus he's known as the head of the demons. So this all works out.

DaiRanger Movie HD released

Toei, Blu-rays for everything. Do it now.

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Shouji - 69 Years old

Kazu - 70 Years old

Ryou - 73 Years old

Daigo - 74 Years old

Rin - 68 Years old

Kamen Rider Fourze Penultimate Episode & Quiz 6 and Junction 6

A journey of 40 years at the speed of light.

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Quiz 6 thread

Edit: So how about a bit of trivia now that I see that you've finished your drink.

Takahashi Ryuki who plays Kengo on Fourze was nearly Gentarou. He made it to the final audition for the role along with Fukushi Sota who got the role. Takahashi is also a D Boy so he was in the Prince of Tennis Musicals. Plus he was on High Kick Girl, as well as movies with other tokusatsu stars like the movie "Messiah" and "Mahou Shoujo wo Wasurarenai".

Go-Buster 26 released

Let's Morphin!

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Since this is a Miho episode, how about some trivia about her actress, Nishihara Fuuka. She's been a fan of Kamen Rider since the first grade. She has a beginner's belt in karate and her father is a karate instructor. Her dream is to become an action actress.

Who knows? If she becomes the next Nao or a female Kamen Rider, that'd be pretty great.


Go-Buster 25 released

Have you ever noticed that it's not enough to show people in pajamas, they also carry around a pillow with them? When would you ever need to bring your pillow with you somewhere? I was watching an LP of Catherine last week and the naked guy also had a pillow with him. Better bring that pillow, who knows where you'll end up sleeping.

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If you have Hikari Saga 2, compare the voices!

Super Sentai World Released


From Blu-Ray disc for HD quality.

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The modern day fable continues: Kanon 15 released

Guest star Watanabe Ikkei plays Kanon's dad, Misaki Baroku. His name is a reference to Baroque music. A famous example of this is Pachelbel's Canon.

By the way, if you've seen Keitai Sousakan 7, you probably will recognize this guy.

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Go-Buster 23 on the tracker!

Sorry for the delay!

Go-Busters Mission 22 released

Special guest: Misaki Ayame who was Sister Miki on Cutie Honey THE LIVE. What show is that from and why is she wearing a maid outfit? I dunno, feel free to tell me in the thread. Or add it to the wiki if it's not there already.

Mission 22: Thread / Wiki

Also, I guess we made a contestable translation decision regarding the name of the guns. Here's my wiki article defending it.


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