Release 3000: Kamen Rider Ryuki Theatrical Cut HD

Man, three thousand releases. Nothing like an anniversary to give you a sense of how much time has passed.

I think this is cause for celebration. Few groups ever make it this far and I think we just get better as more time passes. We're always learning more, making improvements, gaining experience. In a world where there's so much unnecessary ugliness, I think it's really important to be doing something positive. Just do stuff to make other people happy once in a while. That's important.

I'm really proud of the work my collaborators and I have been doing. Unfortunately, I really think people give me too much credit for the stuff that comes out. Fansubbing isn't something that you can do really well by yourself. The collision of different ideas and collection of knowledge really makes the end result that much better.

Timers help get the project started off. Just having a script pretimed helps a great deal with efficiently going through and translating the material. We couldn't do all that we could do without them.

Typesetters give the subs that magical spark. If you notice it, it's probably too much, but overall, just a little creativity and a good usage of colors and fonts can really make a sub come alive. As a translator, I don't really think we should be altering the experience too much from how the Japanese experience the show, but if we can capture a feeling or enhance something that's there, then that's really good.

My fellow translators. That's right, I don't translate everything for this group. And translation is hard work. Capturing all the ideas in a Japanese sentence isn't a simple one-to-one swap with English.

Editors and QCers really fill in the other half of the script. They catch mistakes, offer improvements that usually make the translation a lot better. They offer ideas and insights that one person could never have thought of. If there's any group whose credit I take too much for, it's probably this group. The script is just that much better for it.

And in a few months we'll have cause to celebrate yet again...

3000 releases (Google Doc Spreadsheet)

3000 releases thread

Episode Final: Thread / Wiki

Oh yeah, if you want to join up, just send me a forum PM and let me know what you'd like to do.

Fourze 43 and Quiz V3 released

So being a secondary Rider kind of sucks. Two never get a power-up. One only gets a power-up in a dream, another gets his in a Den-O spinoff movie. One is just a recolor, and another is just him with all his gear stuck on. How many does that leave for real power-ups within the show itself?

Episode 43
Thread / Wiki

Quiz 3

Garo Makai Senki HD Batch end

Enjoy the smooth, rich taste of Garo... whatever this product is.

KR OOO 39-44 rebatched

Sorry about the rerelease, was missing 39. Now the batch size is 6 gigs.

Garo Makai Senki HD 1-10 Batch released

Move the files and resume as always. More tracker cleanup in the next few weeks!

Kamen Rider Fourze 42 and Quiz 2 released

Where does he get all those wonderful toys?

Thread / Wiki

Quiz 2 thread

Go-Busters 20 released... earlier today!

Sorry for the late front page post. I was at work, then my internet broke. Etc. etc.

Thread / Wiki

Might want to check the wiki for this week's guests. Suzumura Kenichi (Ryuutaros) and Yamanaka Sou (various Rider roles) guest star this week.

Akiba 13 & CM Pack released

Sorry it's late! Even if it's painful, at least we released it. Here's the splash pics that we didn't end up using. Sorry to the artists who created them. At least people can enjoy them here. If you check our Akiba wiki page, you can find a link to a map of all the filming locations used for Akiba, courtesy of Luna (who also made the last splash pic).

Thread / Wiki

Future of Akiba: I guess there was a live event and some radio show going on? Guess we'll try to find that stuff. If it's interesting, we might do them. I don't want to make any promises without knowing more.

So is it painful to be an otaku? Sometimes I wonder about this, right. I wonder if maybe I should put more effort into getting a family or something. Or maybe doing things with broader implications than entertainment. I think these are important questions to ask oneself from time to time.

But I think entertainment can be important too. I go to work and take care of my old dog. I pay my bills and handle my responsibilities just like the next man. I think it's sometimes okay to just disappear into one's hobbies. As long as it's not all-consuming in a self-destructive way, why not, right? And this fansubbing stuff makes you guys happy, so that's good too.

In the end, I think that if we're all doing our best in our own way, that's going to have to be alright.

OOO Wunderbare Direktor Geschnitten Freigegeben

The Tokugawa crest. Note the aoi/hollyhock pattern on it. Heroic Lily?! Yuri?! Moonlight?

Thread / Wiki

Can you spot what's new?

Go-Busters 18 released


Thread / Wiki

Pic was too funny to not use. Taken from this page

Also, we're trying to make our wiki bigger and better! Stake your lot here. Then go to the wiki and start adding your contributions. Or just go there and start editing it right now. If you have any questions, leave them in the wiki editor forum. Thanks!



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