Kamen Rider Fourze 33 released

Toei has this great chart of the Horoscopes. This is the version from the week when Aries was introduced.

Episode 33

Huzzah, Fourze 32 HD version 2 released

Thanks to everyone for their patience.

Kamen Rider Fourze 40 errr... 32 released

If you ever need to use the Switch images for something, you can download the original scan at Photobucket. It's 6 mb though, so it's pretty big.

Wacha! 32 released

AkibaRanger 02 released

I think this episode is what really clinches AkibaRanger for me. Actual Sentai guest stars? This is awesome stuff. It's like Gokaiger part two.

Akiba 2

Kabuto God Speed Love HD Blu-ray released

The legendary Heisei Kamen Rider movie is released in HD. This is, of course, the theatrical cut. When will you give us the director's cut, Toei?! You're tearing me apaaaart!

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did when I watched it for QC.

AkibaRanger 01 released

So we're finally done with episode one. The series may seem silly, but I think it'll be really good. Sentai fans should really get a kick out of the references. Otaku will enjoy having a show about people just like them. It'll be fun.

Episode one thread

Jargon that appears in the show

Go-Busters 08 released

Hey it's Friday. Don't you deserve to kick back and watch some toku?

Go Bus 8

Gokaiger versus Gavan SD and 720p versions released

Hey! You got your Metal Heroes in my Super Sentai!

You got your Super Sentai in my Metal Heroes!


Happy Birthday! OOO 29-38 HD batch released

Remember to resume if you were downloading the individual torrents so that bandwidth isn't wasted. Thanks!

Go-Busters 06 released


Sorry for the lack of pic, Photobucket seems kind of busted at the moment. I don't have that many Go-Busters pics to begin with so I might as well skip this week's pic. Send some in if you want to share them.

Kamen Rider W A to Z Theatrical Cut 1080p version released

Bigger and better! Az brings you another 1080p release. Probably no Go-Buster till tomorrow at earliest.

Kamen Rider Fourze 29 and Junction 2 released


Ever wonder what the Girls would be if they were in canon? Probably some sister relationship or friend thing or something? It certainly wouldn't be Kamen Rider Girlfriend seeing as how Kamen Riders are sexless weirdos.


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