Garo 23 released

Step right up, who wants to try Garo pachinko?

23 released

Kamen Rider Fourze 26 released

It's pretty cool how Fourze is an actual reunion with child actors who were on previous Kamen Rider series.

Taiichi from Agito

Amane from Blade (She was also a small guest in W too)

Suzuki Kasumi who guest starred on Kabuto and was a regular in Abaranger. What a difference 6 years makes.

So... what are you doing prom night?

OOO Finale Audio

By the way, the OOO Finale has dual tracks. The second track has commentary on it.

If you're using a Mac, there's a bug in their software that plays both tracks simultaneously. You'll just have to use a different playback program when dual track videos are released.

Fourze 25 HD released

Final Form Ride!

Have you ever noticed that Fourze   in katakana is the last part of Metamorphose ? It's Phose time!

25 released. Sorry, can't batch Giant Step MV with it since I don't have a copy of the HD file. Just grab it from the SD batch.

Gokaiger the Movie: The Ghost Ship One.



Shock shock shock shockwave!

Edit: Looks like this pic breaks the page formating. I approve of this.

Goseiger Movie 1080p version released

Za Movie

Azazel has heard your cries for more Goseiger (especially Luna's) and thus he has bestowed upon you a 1080peed up version. Peed up? Verbing weirds language.

Release 2900: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters 01

Farewell pirates, hello Power Rangers!

Go Bus 1. So this anniversary release kind of snuck up on us. Turns out that Go-Busters is our 2900th release! 100 more and we'll be at 3000. Whee!

Kamen Rider Fourze 24 and Bonus HD released

Fire! Bullet! Burning Shot!

24 released

Note that the HD bonus footage is in 1080p. Just trying that out since these are less than 5 minutes long. If it's an issue, the SD will probably play fine.

Kamen Rider Fourze 23 released


Kourin man wo jishite!

Thanks to Petrkr for setting up the redirect site and Quatrerwin and Camaro for fixing the server.

Gokaiger 51 released

Server downtime

First, apologies to everyone for the site down time. Apparently instead of finishing off Gokaiger and DaiRanger, the universe saw fit to have our harddrive melt into goo instead.

It was frustrating for everyone.You guys couldn't get our releases, and we didn't have some of the tools which we used to do our work. It was just bad all around. I might be a few days before things stable out, so please bear with us and let's all try to work together to reach normalcy once more.

Gokai 51 released. More releases as things get seeded.

See you, pirates.

Fourze 22 HD audio out of sync

We've been hearing from several sources that the audio is out of sync in the HD version of Fourze 22. A version 2 will be coming. Sorry about that.


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