Gokaiger Penultimate released

Sentai kind of always is what it is, a story about a group of people. It has accrued a million tropes by this point, but it stays entertaining because it's basically about relationships. And even though it's stupid Power Rangers fodder for kids, a story that's about people is going to have universal appeal.

50 Released


By the way, I kind of changed my format for my "Let's learn Japanese thread". I'm still going through the intro to katakana part, but for the kanji, I'm going through and talking about interesting words from a series. Hopefully it'll be more relevant to people who are familiar with the show. So far, I'm working through completed Sentai series backwards. Went through Gosei to Go-On, will do Geki soon.

Kamen Rider Fourze 22 HD released

Fourze 22!

Oh yeah, and the guest for last week and this week is Nao. Let's see some other things she's been in with a collage made by Lunagel:

Kamen Rider OOO Subarashi 1080p version released


Damn it, Kaidou, you're in this too? That's awesome!

That's right, Karahashi Mitsuru has a guest role in this, see if you can find him XD


Will you be #TV-Nihon's Valentine?


Released: OOO Wonderful, Net Movie, Tajador/Birth/Ole Music Videos, and Junctions 11-12 SD and 720p versions.

1080p version to be released later to stagger it a bit. Thanks to everyone who donated for the Blu-ray, by the way.

We're also working on the OOO Hyper Battle Video, but that isn't done so that'll be released much later.

OOO Wonderful Movie discussion thread

OOO 21 Stars Net Movie discussion thread

OOO Music Videos discussion thread

Edit: And don't forget to talk to Calendar Man.

Dajivana-san, naje miterun desu?!

Blade Blu-Ray theater cut released

Have I ever mentioned my theory on why Toei never released the Director's Cut on Blu-ray? Just my guess, but I think that when they recut the director's cut, they only saved the footage in DVD quality. Ask anyone who's ever worked on a sub transition from theater cut version to director's cut. When they do the director cut, they just recut the whole thing, so all the timing is off by a little by from scene to scene. It's probably just easier to do it that way than to insert the new footage and make the audio sync.

Also, sorry about having no unmasked pics for Blade or Chalice. If you have any just send me a pm.

Fourze 20 HD released


Has red eyes guy always been there? I guess so.

And just to plug it again, I'm running another Let's learn Japanese thread. If you have any questions or suggestions, the feedback would be great. I guess I'm worried that the presentation is a bit boring. All I'm doing is presenting a list a words and saying why I think they're interesting.

Gokaiger 48 HD release


When Basco Met Sally

Uhhh... just imagine I photoshopped Basco and Sally's faces onto that movie poster.

Garo 16 released


Last 10 episodes?

Sorry, the Fourze 19 SD ver2 is all ready to go, just waiting for the HD. I'll release the SD later if the HD isn't done tonight.

Gokaiger 46 HD released


I guess this week's pics are based on dinosaur Sentai. (The pic on the left is unused footage from the last episode. Enjoy it, since you'll probably never see it in motion.)

Also breaking news, Megaupload.com gets shut down? Wow, that's scary.

Garo's back!

Hurray for cosplay. Image taken from this site: http://placame2.exblog.jp/6643670/

Garo 13 released

Decade rebatched. 25-29 with some movies. 30-31 and W & Decade Movie.


Split up the batches so they should be easier to digest now. Also added the missing music videos and promos.


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