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Toku Group Viewing

Time: Fridays 7 PM Pacific (10 PM Eastern)

Zero's been working to improve the experience. If you haven't watched this week's episodes yet, feel free to come this Friday and hang out and watch it with others. I'm hoping to drop by to say hi and answer people's questions if they have them.

Zero is also planning to show another Rider series from the past. I don't know if there's a regular schedule for that yet, but I'll let people know when there's more info.

You can also check the thread for the latest news.

You can visit the chat channel that we're going to be using here. Stop by and say hi!


Any encoders out there?

Anyone use Avisynth who can recommend a good noise reduction filter (And recommended settings)? I really think these Deka Blu-rays will need them.



Taking applications for new QCers

QCing entails:

  • Checking over videos for timing, translation, typesetting, encoding and other mistakes.
  • Making suggestions for improving the subtitle reading experience.
  • A native level understanding of English.
  • Japanese knowledge is good, but not a requirement.
  • If skilled in other aspects of fansubbing, may be enlisted to work in other areas.

If you're interested, go to the forums and send a PM to takenoko with answers to the following questions:

1) What experience you have with fansubbing/ watching subs in general.

2) What skills/experience you can bring to this group.

3) How did you come across TV-Nihon and what got you into being a viewer?

4) What other things are you doing that may prevent you from having time to work on our subs? Do you think you will have time to make regular contributions to the shows we work on?

5) Most of this work is self paced. Are you okay with doing work on your own with minimal supervision?


Movie releases have multiple audio tracks

So a viewer recently had an issue where he was playing a movie we subbed, but got the audio commentary track instead of the normal audio track.

This is a first for me, but apparently the commentary track was the default track in this player. But the viewer was luckily able to find the audio setting which let him switch it to the other audio track.

This is useful knowledge for people who have surround sound systems. I usually encode it so that the audio track is Stereo by default, but most movie releases also come with a Surround sound setting, in case you want to take advantage of that.


Sorting Torrents

A new feature was added to the tracker that will allow you to click on a heading in the torrents table to sort by that heading.

Forum Post/Topic


Forum and Wiki Upgrade Scheduled June 16

The forums and wiki will be going down on June 16, 2016 at 7:30 PM CDT for an upgrade. The process should not take more than an hour or two. During this time, the forums and wiki will be inaccessible. The front page and tracker will be unaffected and accessible as usual.

Forum topic


Server donation time

Hello fans! It's time to start collecting donations for our servers. They help keep our tracker, forums, blog, and wiki sites up. If you can give, great! If not, we still love you just the way you are!

Looks like our goal this year is 500 dollars. Please use the button at the top when donating. Thanks!


Thank you donators. New capping computer

Long overdue, but to be fair, we were only able to get it working like 2 weeks ago. Just a lot of technical problems, which were able to overcome thanks to our tech guy, Dark Aura.

So far, it's been working great. We've been using it for a couple weeks and haven't really experienced the same failures that we were seeing on the other computer.

Just a little peek behind the scenes, but whenever we encoded audio for distro, it would fail like 40% of the time for no reason. It's extra maddening because it's not consistent. Not often enough for us to go all out in fixing it, but often enough that we'd be trying to reencode the audio again and again until it worked. So thankfully, that's not an issue with the new computer.

I'd like to thank GeJe Sentai, BiFkun, LigerFan, Scott Hamilton, and Davis "Des Shinta" Sleboda for their donations among others, who helped allay the cost of the computer. We were able to use donations to pay for most of the cost of the computer.

I also did a little survey, and apparently our donator's favorite shows are: GekIRanger, Shinkenger, Garo Yami, Gokaiger, Gaim, Kiva, Hurricaneger, Go-Onger, Ryuki, Blade, Ultraman, Toqger, W, Power Rangers Time Force, Zero, Metalder, Tiga.

We also had one donation with came with the note: "For the Capped Crusader..."

Once again, thank you everyone! We couldn't do this without you guys!


TV-Nihon Slack Chat Channel

Updates via a bot reading our RSS feed.


We've got artist Taiko554 who has generously provided us with toku emoji for us to use in the channel. Check out his art too:

Create funny messages with our slackbot!

To join, just contact me with your e-mail address. Hop in and join the conversation. Or lurk and check the logs from time to time. IIf anyone acts like a jerk to you, just personal message me and I'll see what I can do about it. It doesn't hurt to give it a try, and who knows, maybe it'll be fun?

My contact

Thread discussion


An Apology

Recently it has been brought to our attention that there was a page on our wiki entitled "Trope Transsexual Monsters" linking to the Ring Shadow from Toqger episode 18. This was a clear mistake, and should not have been labeled as such. The offending page has been deleted, and we would like to apologize to everyone for the insensitivity of the page.

If there is any problem with our subs or our website that you feel is offensive in some way, we ask that you please bring it to our attention. There are many people from many walks of life that visit our site and we cannot possibly monitor everything, so please actually talk to us. We can't change what we don't know about.

Thank you all for watching our subs and we hope to continue bringing them to you for many many more years.


Yes, we do have a wiki

Please consider using it! We try to have a good trivia section. The side bar and front page are a good place to start.

If you post on our forums and can't remember a character name. The wiki is linked at the top so you can double check it. The episode article is also linked from each episode thread, so feel free to check it out once you've seen it. That's what I like to do with IMDB after watching a movie. Sometimes there's no trivia at all, but sometimes, there's some great inside stuff. But we can't know it all, so that's why we need people's help.

Some of the info stuff and writing needs editing though. Because of that, we can really use more writers and editors. It's pretty free form. People just work on whatever interests them, whether it be actor info, series info, or whatever. We can probably use more pictures, better style formatting, a review of the episode summaries, etc.

Registered users are preferrable, but not necessary. You can just edit it without registering.

If you have any questions, hit the Discussion tab at the very top and post there. Or you can post to our forum dedicated to editing the wiki:

Wiki Editor's forum

Post Forum Downtime Scheduled

The forums will be going down on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 9 PM for an upgrade. The upgrade may take up to 2 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions ver. 2015

1) Give me a link for (insert title here).

2) Are you doing (insert next Sentai/KR series here)?


3) When will you release next episode of (insert currently running Sentai/KR series here)?

Hell if we know. We can't tell you an exact date or time because we honestly don't know when it'll be finished. First episodes always take longer!1

4) I'm waiting for the 720!


4.5) Why hasn't the 720 version of the episode been released yet?

Since we do all our encoding on one computer, we try to get the 1080 and the SD out first.  720 gets a lower priority when it comes to encoding so it is usually released sometime after the other two encodes, around 2-24 hours, depending on the encoder.2

5) Are you still doing (Megaranger/Timeranger/Cheeseranger/Kuuga/Agito/etc)?


6) When will the next episode of (older tokusatsu show) be released?

See answer to #3

7) Why do the older episodes take so long to come out?

Non-currently running shows are done on a rotating basis, meaning when the translator finishes one chunk of episodes (usually one DVD's worth), they then move onto a different series and translate another batch.

8) Are you doing (Insert Movie XYZ title here)?

We will do all movies related to currently airing tokusatsu series that we are subbing.

9) When will (Insert Movie XYZ title here) be released?

Please check this forum thread to see when it will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray.3 Then please refer to the answer to #3

10) Why is there commentary during this movie I downloaded?

Because your media player is old and can't play the format correctly. Especially Windows Media Player. We suggest Media Player Classic for all your viewing needs.4

11) Will you please sub (insert movie/series title here)?

Highly unlikely.5

12) Can I have the raw for (insert title here)?

Nope. We're a subbing group, not a raw group, we don't distribute those.

13) Can you give me a script or the font you use for (insert title here)?6

We don't give out either in order to prevent people from stealing our subs and bootleggers from selling them.

14) Can you seed this torrent?

Please make seeding requests on the forums.

15) Can you upload this episode to uptobox/megaupload/etc?

Check to see if it's uploaded here. Make sure to check the Submit Links section for new episodes.

16) Did you release (insert title here)?

You can see all our releases here.

17) What does (Japanese word) mean?

It means you should ask google.

18) Will you be doing the Toei Hero Next movies?

Ultimately we've decided not (with the single exception of Bounty Hunter Troupe) to because the main attraction of those movies is the actors from the current KR/SS shows. They have nothing to do with the actual shows themselves and basically are just another way to wring money from fans. If there's any good stand-out ones we'll do them but they're overall pretty bland movies quickly shat out to make the most of the actors while Toei's still got them under contract.

19) Will you do (Ultraman series/movie)?

We're definitely going to finish the series we've started but there's just not a lot of staff interest, unfortunately. If we end up doing anything, it'll take a long while, so don't hold your breath.

20) Can you teach me to subtitle like you?

There are plenty of tutorials online, all of us have learned from those or learned as we go. There's really nothing new we can teach you those tutorials can't. We use the program Aegisub to put subtitles in and VirtualDub to encode the video.

21) I disagree with your translation choices.

You're always welcome to discuss your opinion on the forums or in an email. We don't mind explaining our stylistic and linguistic choices for the shows we do and always listen to suggestions. If you tell us outright what you think where we can see your opinions, it's much more likely we'll act on them than if you post on some random message board that we don't check. Rational discussion is never punished, only trolling.

22) Ninninger totally stole their name from the Kakuranger theme song, didn't they?

Well, Shurikenger was already taken.

1. It usually takes around 3-5 days, more if it's a busy/holiday season. If it's before Sunday 7:30 Japan time then the episodes haven't aired yet. You can always check to see if we're up-to-date with our episodes by looking at our wiki and checking the chronology of the episodes. If it's the first episode of a new series, we will need a while longer to hammer out karaoke, effects, naming conventions, all that fun stuff that gets decided in the first episode and then (hopefully) we don't change the rest of the series.

2. 1080 we do to future-proof our releases so in 10 years they won't look totally horrible on your Super HD TV. SD we do as a concession to our viewers who do not have super-fast connections or have a limited amount of data they can download every month. 720 will eventually become unnecessary but for the moment we still release a 720 encode as a middle ground. Please realize that encoding three different types of the same video is really an extra chore for us. We'd much rather encode only 2 or preferably only 1 but we do 3 so you as the viewer have a choice of which resolution is best for you.

3. We cannot sub something without the physical media, it is literally impossible. Check the above link to see if it has been released yet. Keep in mind, you still have to factor in shipping from Japan to the US, which can take about a week. We're also juggling two to three weekly shows that have to be done first; movie comes second. Movies take anywhere from 1-2 months to release.

4. The movies usually come with several audio tracks, mono, stereo, better stereo, and commentary. Any decent media player will decide to play only one. Stupid ones will decide "Oh, I should play all of these at once!". WMP is particularly notorious for doing this. Please download a different media player. GOM, VLC and MPC are all very good and can play pretty much any video file with the right codecs. If you're worried about system resources, MPC is only 2 mb and works beautifully.

5. Subtitling a 25 minute episode takes at least 1 hour to time, 2 hours to translate, 1 hour to typeset and 10-20 hours for quality control and editing, resulting in about 15-25 man hours worked. Movies can be 25-100 man hours. Entire series are easily over 600 man hours. We can't take on new projects lightly without making sure we'll have enough people to work on it.

6. Pretty much all the fonts we use you can find online though so it doesn't stop you from searching for it.


Help seeding please?

Got the unseeded stuff down to two pages. Unfortunately, it looks like some of the files aren't on our seeder and/or people don't have them archived. Could people please take a look and see if they have them and seed them? Thanks!

I recently started using a seedbox. It's a service where you pay a monthly fee and someone else does the torrent downloading, then you just discreetly download that file off their site. Might be something to look into if you like downloading our stuff.


Streaming thread

Just trying this out. Right now I've got a list of the streams that still exist on my Dailymotion. Kamen Rider Death has provided a zippcast upload for Drive 4. If you guys want to post something, just drop it in the thread and I'll add it to the list above.

As it is a new thing, feedback and suggestions are welcome.



Added image buttons to wiki, Rider bot page has icons now

Added icons to the TV-Nihon wiki. Hopefully it'll make navigation a bit easier. I also cleaned up some of the informational link articles.

Also, check out Hariken's icons for the Rider page for his IRC bot. Pretty sweet, he made those icons himself.


Server Donation Drive

It's that time of year again, boys and girls! As you know, TV-Nihon is an entirely volunteer and fan-run venture. The server donation drive pays for our website, the forums, the wiki, and the tracker. If you can transmit some digital dollar our way, that would greatly be appreciated. Every dollar is appreciated, and we'll love you just the same even if you don't donate anything.

So if you're feeling generous, hit that donation button at the top. I don't know how the server guys do it, but all we need is $500 this year. Thanks!


Zyuranger licensed?

I'm sure most of you have heard by this point but Shout Factory has announced via twitter they are bringing Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger to the States.

So, what does this mean for TV-Nihon? At this point, nothing, because we don't know any details. We don't know if they have the license already or if they're just considering getting it. We don't know exactly what they are planning to do or even when they are planning to do it. At this point, just consider everything up in the air until we recieve more concrete details. If they do have a license, we will immediately pull Zyuranger from our projects and stop distributing, so if you don't have the files yet, now's your chance.

Forum thread

Project to revitalize file accessibility

So this is something I've been neglecting for a while. There's a bunch of things we can be implementing to improve the availability of our files. It'd be a big help if the community could seed some torrents and upload some files for us.

Just make sure the file names are the original ones. I think most of the file names are listed at the bottom of the series pages on the wiki. Using rapidcrc to make sure the file integrity is good is always helpful as well.


Link to torrents that need seeding - Please help seed files that have a bunch of leechers on them but no seeds.

Direct download files
Download Forum

There are a lot of series that have no files for their episodes. It'd be really good if we could get some links up for those series. I see a few sites that others have used:

Batch torrents

I've been kind of neglecting this lately. If you see a group of torrents that can easily be batched, feel free to point it out. I know that for Wizard, we're kind of waiting for some bonus stuff to be finished. But otherwise most stuff that's completed should get batched at some point.

Any other ideas?

There's a lot of smart people out there. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve your experience, feel free to let me know!

Post to this thread or e-mail me.


Gaim affiliations now available on the forum user groups

Pretty minor customization for forum goers. If you go to the User Control Panel, you can go to Usergroups, join a special group, and select it as your Default Group to get a little icon over your avatar.

These things are pretty easy to make, so if you have ideas for them, let me know.


Choose your fate! Who are you gonna side with?!




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