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5) When will (Insert Movie XYZ title here) be released?

Also, we have a page on the wiki keeping track of when stuff is released. If you see that it's like 2-3 weeks after the release, that probably just means we're working on it more than anything else. Really, if it's Rider or Sentai related, you don't even need to ask whether we're doing it, do you?

Also, we'll probably be doing the Hurricaneger returns movie that comes out in a month.

Recently Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are you doing Ginga?

Maybe. One of the translators is going to try, but he has limited time available so it will likely come out in a large batch in a couple months if he does do it.

2) Are you doing Kamen Teacher?

No. Staff have taken a look at it and weren't interested. Just cause it has Kamen in the title doesn't mean we have to do it!

3) Are you doing Hentai Kamen?

See above.

4) Are you doing (Insert Movie XYZ title here)?

If we are doing a movie, it will be listed with the movie release date in this  forum thread, which is regularly updated.

5) When will (Insert Movie XYZ title here) be released?

Well, has it been released on DVD and Blu-Ray yet? We cannot sub something without the physical media, it is literally impossible. Check the above link to see if it has been released yet. Keep in mind, you still have to factor in shipping from Japan to the US, which can take about a week.

6) Why is there commentary during this movie I downloaded?

Because your media player is old and sucks. The movies usually come with several audio tracks, mono, stereo, better stereo, and commentary. Any decent media player will decide to play only one. Stupid ones will decide "Oh, I should play all of these at once!". WMP is particularly notorious for doing this. Please download a different media player. GOM, VLC and MPC are all very good and can play pretty much any video file with the right codecs. GOM+CCCP is basically the Jesus player. If you're worried about system resources, MPC is only 2 mb and works beautifully.

tl;dr WMP is pewp, get something else.

7) Are you going to pick up (Insert series title here)?

No plans for picking up any new projects until we get some of the current ones done.

8) When is (Episode #) coming out?

Whenever you do.

9) So I heard that there's going to be a paid Toei channel with subtitled KR and SS, how will this affect you?

Please view this forum topic for details regarding our opinions on the matter.

10) Is this the most adorable picture of Luckyuro ever?

Yes. Yes it is.


Would you donate to help pay for our wiki server?

So right now the host we're using for the wiki is threatening to suspend our account because we're using too many resources. Right now, the wiki is hosted on a shared server, which means that we can't go over certain usage thresholds. For instance, we're only supposed to have 10,000 account executions per week, and we're using 12,504. Or as this chart says, this is us in red, and this is average:

So here's the unfortunate reality of the thing. They want us to shell out for either a dedicated server, or a cloud platform. And the cheapest of these is 70 dollars a month. That's just a couple hundred bucks short of a 1000.

What I need to know from you guys is, do you like our wiki enough to help pay for the server cost of it? I really like our wiki, I think it's a great source of info for our group both internally and for our fans, but I obviously don't have a grand to sink into the costs of paying for it every year.

Take the poll on our forum

So what's going on with weeklies?

So bad times for TN. Our encoder is without Internet till probably the end of the month.

That means we have to turn to Japanese p2p for raws, whiiiiiiiiiich is sort of unreliable. For example, we got Wizard 31 on Saturday, but didn't get Wizard 30 till the day after.

The good news is we appear to have all the raws for the last two weeks and are working hard on them. Garo 2 is in distro and Wizard 30's in QC.

And Go-Bus versus Gokai is in QC too.

I guess it doesn't help to be adding two new shoes to our weekly releases. Chaotic times it is ahead for us.


Yup, this was April Fools

But I do genuinely like the new site design. Look at that logo. Praise the sun!

Anyway, hope there's not too many hurt feelings about the Abaranger prank. I mean, you did see that our site was totally pink, right? And Abaranger was filmed in 4:3 format so there's no way it'd have a 1080 HD version. Notice how Abaranger didn't even have its own section on the tracker? Plus why would we even start Abaranger, we've got other stuff to do! There were quite a few clues if you looked for them.

And if you were fooled, just consider that an April Fool's day prank wouldn't be fun if everyone saw through it. That's just how things are. Well, live and learn, right?

So maybe we can keep the front page this way? The forum's already back to normal colors (needs the silver option. Can we add pink as an option too for those of us who liked it?) And the tracker needs to be set back.


New look

So in celebration of My Little Pony and Oreimo coming out in Japan this week, we're going to change up the color scheme. We've been thinking it's been time for a shake up and pink is my favorite color.

Looking forward to releasing these with Magenta.

Oh hey, and if you like this stuff, do check out my personal blog here:


Edit: Oh, and we've got our new logo up. Yay!


More forum groups

At Luna's request, an AkibaRanger Usergroup has been added.

I also threw in a Kyouryuuger and Wizard groups as well. You can join these groups from your forum control panel and Usergroup option.


The TV-Nihon spreadsheet

So I was adding the list of file names from our spreadsheet to the wiki last night, when I noticed that there are still a lot of mistakes in it.

I mean, the whole thing started rather informally. I was just keeping a list of releases just so we could have that list available if needed. There was a lot of information lost from the early days just from bad record keeping and a lack of backups. Monsier Enter we are not. Toss in a bunch of other cooks dabbling in the pot, human error, and patch work and we've got this wonderful mess of information that we have today.

Really, ignoring the 90 or so missing Decade adventure files, I'd say that the current release number is correct within a plus or minus 50 variance.

But yeah, it's pretty hard to add list of file names to the wiki when there were several series that never had their file names added in the first place. Sometimes information woudl be entered with a different style, so they'd appear in the wrong order. So before adding the files to the wiki, I had to fix the spreadsheet that was the source of my info. XD

By the way, if you ever need a list of files from your folder in windows, just go to command prompt. Go to that directory in command. Then enter the command:

dir /b > FileList.txt

It'll generate a text file with all the file names in that directory. It's pretty neat. Removing the /b will give you a detailed file list. And obviously you can name the text file whatever you want. So this has been takenoko's tips and tricks corner.

Anyway, the wiki should have lists of files. I didn't organize them or anything, but hopefully they're all there. Hopefully this wasn't too boring to read.


Please report mistakes to the wiki instead of the forum

So I've locked this thread which was previously used for reporting typos. From here on, please note any typos or mistakes that you find on the talk page of the relevant wiki article page.

For example, if you found a mistake in Wizard 20. Go to its wiki article (The link is on the front page with the thread link every week). Then click the Discussion tab at the top. This will help keep our mistakes easier to track. No registration is necessary to edit the article.

This is our current list of such articles.

The reason why we want to keep track of this information is because we're thinking of doing 1080 versions release a few days after our usual release. So if any mistakes are found, we'd like to correct them, since the 1080 version will be used for archiving.


Megaupload 2?

Megaupload Stuff

Hey, does anyone want to try adding our files to the new Megaupload incarnation?

When you've done that, put the link in the Submit Links forum. And let us know how it's working out for you somewhere. Feedback forum?

Images on Wiki Stuff

By the way, it'd be really great if we had more people adding pictures to our wiki. I know the new Requeset Account feature seems really dumb, so feel free to make up stuff for the part where it asks for your real name. For the biography section, just write down something to prove you're not a spam bot. (I think it requires a lot of words so feel free to copy and paste it a few times)

Remember a wiki is made by a community. Not just one, two, or three people!

If you need help, e-mail me or ask a question on the forums 

Take a look and see what we've got going so far. Wiki Image Galleries

(Note, you can always edit the text without logging in. So if you see a fix, you should mistake it.)

RSS Feeds / Tracker Stuff

Thank Q, because we've got RSS feeds again for the tracker:

Let us know if it's working okay.

Capture Stuff

We just replaced our tuner. Hopefully this week we'll be able to capture the video as it airs. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how hard it is to do this work if we're tripping up the very first step in the process.

Do we have a programmer in the house?

So I guess we're having trouble installing the drivers to the new machine. Maybe because it's 64bit Windows 8 and before it was just Windows XP? The name of the driver is BonDriver and this is the error message that it spits out. It basically says it can't activate the hardware:

BonDriver にチューナを開くよう要求しましたがエラーが返されました。

Also, does anyone here know HTML or wiki format? I'm trying to format a menu for the top of the series pages for the wiki, but I'm running into some difficulty.

I talk about it in this thread here:


Pictures for our forums?

So I'm thinking of putting pictures in subforums. Just to give our forums a little color. It's not like vampires and goths are our main theme.

The Go-Busters forum for example.

If you want to suggest a picture, just put it in our splash pic thread or e-mail me.

I don't have any conditions at this point. Just don't make it too big. If it's not obvious where the pic should go, you should tell me that too. Thanks!


2012 in reflection

So how was 2012 for #TV-Nihon? Our biggest change, I think, was the addition of our wiki. I really like it as an information tool that we use when we work on our projects.

Akibarangers was a nice surprise for Sentai fans. We finished off Makai Senki from last year and started up Go-Busters and Wizard. All series that have been pretty fun to work on.

And of course, between all that is the backburner stuff, DVD and Blu-ray rereleases. Looks like we only finished off DaiRanger. Hopefully we can wrap up some of the other stuff next year.

Started the year off at 2844 releases and ended it with 3100. Not too bad.

Oh yeah, today I added the wiki links to all the series sub forums. If you guys can think of any other info that would be good for going there, let me know.


Seeds, we need seeds

Q added a link on the bottom that shows which torrents are unseeded. This is pretty useful.

Going along the lines of the seedbox thing, would the community be interested in picking up some seedboxes to keep such torrents from going dead?



I guess it's a service that helps keeps torrents seeded? Does anyone know anything about this? This might be useful for our older releases that frequently run out of seeds.



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