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It's Judgement Time! DekaRanger Rebatches again but with renamed files

Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission...

So I went ahead and renamed the DekaRanger files. It's actually not that bad on your end, so don't complain :P

First, stop the torrent that you're on.

Use this program to rename the files:

This is a batch of the file names (it's also included in the folder)

Once you install the program, do this:

1. Take the files and drag and drop them into the program.

*Don't accidentally include the text since I think the program needs the exact right number of files to rename

2. Rename->Import or Ctrl+I

Select the appropriate text file

3. Enlarge the program, and make sure both sides match up. If they don't, highlight the ones that are out of place and hit Up or Down on the menu to the right (you can select multiple files with shift or ctrl)

4. When everything's lined up, just hit rename and all the files should be fixed

Now that all the files have been fixed, you can resume the torrent

If that doesn't work, there's always renaming it manually one by one

Forum thread

Should we rename old files?

So quick and dirty poll time

So advantages of renaming them: Consistency, easier for organization, checking, and CRC checks

Disadvantages: Files burned to DVD can't be used for seeding, if people want to help upload a file for direct download, they'd need to know the new file name, and we'd have to go and change all the names in our spreadsheet. As it is now, everything is relatively fine if we don't change anything


TN release list?

Included is a spreadsheet in htm, excel, and open office formats

From this thread


About #TV-Nihon

Who we are:

We're a fan group that subs Japanese material into English since October 2002. We mostly focus on tokusatsu (live special effect shows), although we have on occasion dabbled with anime and jdoramas. We have members from around the world who work hard to bring you the best in hyper fansubbing action.


Index of the tags used for the front page

Downloading: Torrents / Direct Download Links (Submit a Mirror Link / Point out a Broken Link)

How about helping to seed your favorite shows so that other fans can enjoy them

Remember that you can resume batch torrents

How to reach us:

Before anything, read the rules and known them before interacting with anyone

Visit our forums?

Visit our chat room? Or Discord? (Warning, don't be stupid or you'll get banned)

Visit the TN Facebook page yet?

Need a list of our releases? (In HTM, Excel, and Open Office formats) Updated: March 1, 2011


Ever wondered what those numbers at the end of the file mean? Those are used to calculate the CRC, which checks to make sure your file is complete. You can use a program called RapidCRC to double check it, handy if you're having playback problems.

Have you ever wondered what are TN's active projects? Wonder no more, we have an active project forum section devoted to what we ostensibly will get to sooner or (more likely) later. Unless we outright cancel it or it was pulled because it was licensed, we probably still have every intention of continuing with it.

You can suggest shows for us to work on, but the answer is probably going to be "No, we're too busy". But feel free to try anyway.

When stuff gets released officially in North America, we pull our releases. A list of pulled releases can be found here

Important Forum threads:

Movie release thread

Series related picture thread and random picture thread and Motivator pics

Funny video thread

Video games are a great way to spend time

Guide to honorifics: In Japanese an important cultural aspect is to have honorifics to show how people relate to each other.

No honorific: Used between people who are close to each other. If the honorific is dropped between people who aren't close, it's kind of insulting.

-chan: Normally an honorific used to show endearment, see Date from OOO. Can be kind of condescending though. Typically used with girls.

-kun: Normally used to address boys or co-workers in a lower position than the speaker (This applies to women in this case, like Satonaka-kun used by the president in OOO)

-san: Basic honorific, used to show general respect.

-sama: Used to show respect to someone higher than the speaker.

-shi: I don't see it used as often, but it's used for formal speech and for people that are generally unfamiliar to the speaker.

-sempai and kouhai: Sempai is used for people who are the senior or higher level than the speaker. Like in school or profession. Kouhai is the opposite relation, used to refer to people in the lower level.

-dono/tono: Literally means "lord". Not really used nowadays, but it's used to show a lot of respect to a person.

-tachi: Not really an honorific, but kind of used to show the social structure of a group. Literally means "name of person and others". Since Japanese words tend to be used for both singular and plural, a -tachi can be used to show there's more than one. Like samurai-tachi would show there's a group of samurai. Or Alata-tachi would show that Alata is kind of the main guy in this group. Stuff like that.

You can also read it on the wiki which goes into much more detail than is presented here. I highly recommend it if you enjoy the Japanese cultural bits that are presented in #TV-Nihon's subs.

Other stuff to pay attention to: You might hear this stuff but it won't be repesented in the subs

Anata: Literally means "you" but usually used between a wife to address her husband. I usually translate this as "dear".

There are a lot of ways to say "I" in Japanese. This says a lot about the person speaking.

Watashi: Generic "I"

Atashi: Feminine "I". Girls and gay men sometimes use this. Seriously, any flaming gay stereotype uses this. Atakushi and Atai are older versions of this that aren't really used except for women like Utsukawadayuu or something.

Boku: Masculine "I". Can also be used to address boys if you don't know their name. Some modern girls use this.

Ore: Ultra masculine "I". Using this shows a bit of arrogance or cockiness. Momo is the prime example of this. "Ore sanjou!


Other forum styles?

Change in Settings

So I noticed that the forums were a little hard to read on Chrome at work, so I turned on the other available style (Prosilver) for the forums. All it really does is reskin the forum. The new skin makes the forums look really kind of generic and some of the styles preferences look weird. Maybe some things are broken since the assumption is made that everyone is using Acidred (default style).

But for those of you who are not of the vampire persuasion or don't want people thinking you're on Myspace at work, options!

As a side note, this is a pretty good article:
Frankly, I like this article because it's a reminder of the goals we have as a group. Not to say this is proof that this is what most of our audience wants or that everyone should want these same things, but it's kind of what most the staff wants. And I take that back, I do think most of #TV-Nihon's fans do like the Japanese stuff that we keep in the translations

Made a forum thread about it


Please don't post our files to

Due to the increasing legal issue hanging over hotfile, we would respectfully ask that you dont upload any files there. Also don't post links from it here. This is for the protection of downloaders as certain copyright holders are forcing Hotfile to hand over IP's of people downloading from Hotfile. We would rather be pre-emptive in this action to avoid any such issues later down the line.

All current hotfile links on the forum will be removed. Thank you for your time.


Splash for the W/Goseiger movies?

Does someone want to make us a splash for the KRW Forever movie and the Goseiger Epic on the Movie movie? Same specs as usual 1280x720 in size. Here's your chance to show off your art/Photoshop fu. Remember to credit yourself somewhere on the picture.

E-mail or PM me over the forums if you're interested. Thanks!

Edit: Also, it seems like a lot of people wonder why we do splash pics. The real reason is, we do them because they're cool. It's only three seconds, but over the years, a lot of people have turned in very wallpaper worthy pictures. It's the same with the front page, I could just be super minimalistic and just stick to conveying information, but that's boring. Look at how boring that is: It's so boring!


Anyone live in Japan?

Go Japan

So I'm sure you guys have noticed that we've had a hard time coming up with HD raws for Goseiger. I know this is kind of late, but is there anyone in Japan who can do high definition captures or transport streams raws for our Sentai subs? It'd be nice to have something like this so that we can do weekly HD releases for Goukaiger

Please e-mail me or send me a forum PM if you can help in this regard. Thanks!


Time to beg for more art


Yup, it's time to ask for more art for splashes (1280x720) for active shows and banner pics (height should be 88 pixels high and a reasonable width). Remember to include your name or handle in the picture if you want credit. Thanks!

E-mail submissions or PM them to me over the forums. Thanks!


When will you release <insert name> movie?

Hint: If the movie is still in theaters, we won't pull a source out of the ether to release it. It's got to have a DVD or Blu-Ray release first

Lunagel has written a helpful guide for when movies will come out. Please refer to this before asking when we'll release a movie.

But really, I'd kind of prefer it if people didn't ask at all. It's just annoying and doesn't really make the process go faster. It'll come out when we have a finished product, so don't bug us about that kind of stuff


Easing up on the Spoiler Policy

Stop, drop, roll

We're easing up on our spoiler policy, read this thread for more details. Obviously you'll still get banned for egregiously ignoring our rules, so remember it's your job as posters to post within our rules guideline


Site/forum updating


Please wait a moment


Translator wanted?

Hey, I bet some of you guys out there are studying Japanese. Anyone want to take a stab at trying to translate?

More specifically, the Winspector deal that we had seems to have fallen through. But y'know, there's always something that needs translating. I guess, e-mail if you're interested. Thanks!

Also, great job with the donations. It's really something that helps both the staff and the fans and basically keeps the site up. So a heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated


Server Donations

It's that time of year again!  We need donations once again to keep the server up and running.  This year, we need approximately $650 USD.  If you'd like to donate, the donation button is on the upper right side of this page below the News Archive link and it's on the torrent tracker as well.


Batch torrent feedback

So right now we have a policy of splitting up our batch torrents into DVD sized chunks. The idea behind this is that if someone wanted to seed a batch, all they'd need to do is get out their DVD and point it to that

But how many people find this useful? Considering how cheap external drives are, how many people would rather just have all the series files in one batch. Would that be more convenient?

Using Shinkenger as an example. It looks like the SD batch is 14.37 GB while the HD is 16.81 GB

Which do you prefer?

Seeking Translators

It's mainly for Dogoon V (AKA Dogu-chan 2) but I think we could always use more translators in general


About Kuuga and other backburner projects

So someone asked about Kuuga in the Zyu thread, so I feel like you guys deserve an update:

The unfortunate reality is that we can't do everything at the same time. Kuuga is all timed, so it's just me who's holding it up. All I can really say is, sorry, but I'll try to get to it as soon as possible. Realistically, I'm probably going to focus on getting more Mega, Dai, and a GameCenter CX out before Kuuga. But like I said, it's all timed, it just needs me to have some free time to work on non-weekly stuff

Edit: Pay attention to what gets released this week to see why we're always busy with stuff

Basically, just try to be patient and trust us. I definitely want to be the kind of guy who keeps his promises and does stuff at a reasonable time scale. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to admit defeat on some stuff, but for the most part, we do earnestly try to see things to the very end. As our anniversary comes up, it's probably worth looking back and see what we've accomplished so far. Hopefully that will be some kind of indicator of how things will go in the future



Hey, if you do art stuff and think people here would dig what you do, I'd be totally okay with going "Here's a picture that this guy made. If you like it, check out their Deviantart page" or something



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