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Winspector Update

Sorry about not getting around to replying to everyone who volunteered. We're currently working with another group to see if we can do this as a joint, if so we should be covered as far as staff for the project goes.


Why honorific thingies?

Phoenix created an interesting post regarding the usage of honorifics in our subs.                   Read it and tell us what you think.

Need help subbing Winspector

So I'm picking up these DVDs. I don't know anything about the series, but it looks kind of cool. Unfortunately, we really don't have the staff to take on another project. So we're reaching out to the community for some help on this one.


We can probably provide the timing, and QC. Maybe the typesetting and karaoke too. But we could really use a translator and maybe a typesetter/karaoke person.

Fair warning, if you join us you're probably going to need to do some actual work for us. I'm only saying this (not to disparage these guys, but this is the truth) because we've had 3-4 people volunteer to translate for GameCenter CX and they all eventually quit before turning in any work. You know, those are weeks/months that we could have spent actually working on the show instead of waiting around to see if the new guy will pull through.

So if you're volunteering, know your availability and capabilities. For now, volunteer or send contact info to the e-mail address in the links above. If you can introduce us to a translator, that's helpful too.


Review of DDL feedback procedure

There are two forums for user feedback. Please use these instead of PMing moderators about them

If you want to submit a DDL link or a Mirror, please use the Submit Link Forum

If you want to report a Dead Link, please use the Notify Broken Links Forum

Once again, please do not PM moderators about these kind of things

While I'm at it, please do not ask when the Decade/W movie will be out or give us raws for this. We know what we're doing and you pretty much know we'll release the movie when it's done. Don't worry about it and just be patient


General stuff

If you ever need help playing a video, please use our Video Playback Help forum for this purpose:

If you ever wanted to see how we keep track of our releases. The TN spreadsheet:

About releases: If something was just released, please don't ask for when the direct download or the HD version will be ready. A moderator probably just didn't have time to put it up yet. Or in the HD case, hasn't had a chance to encode the HD version. The only problem we have right now with HD is finding raws for Goseiger's first few episodes

So in the last week we released some stuff that's been in the works for 2-3 years. Sometimes that happens with backburner stuff. People have jobs or school and get busy. It happens

And we might have a new project or two to announce soon. Keep your eyes peeled. Or gossip and start rumors, people seem to like doing that too


Podcast deadline May 7

Two more days! Last minute procrastinators, we're targetting you!



Looks like we lost a few links in the transition:




New Blog And News Archive

Since we can no longer use our old blog, we're in the process of migrating to a new blog.  Nothing is permanent yet and I will try to create a new skin for the front page as soon as possible.  I have opted to not import the old blog into the new one (though that may change).  The old blog is accessible at the News Archive.



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