Commercial Pack 2017 Dec released

Some funny stuff this time. Also, the OOO CSM promo. And part 5 of Pepsi Momotarou, the longest commercial series! When will it end???

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[T-N]Sasuke 34_CM_Pack_HD[014F23AD].mp4

15th anniversary release: Commercial Pack


Check it out. There's a bunch of funny, amusing commercials in this one.

Of note, we did a translation of the Talking Zaruba commercial for Garo, and redid the Sentai toy commercial pack up to Boukenger that came in the Sentai Encyclopedia.


TV-Nihon Commercials


I’m updating the commercials thing for TV-Nihon again. Subscribe if you want a little Japanese commercial popping up in your thing on a daily basis.]

TV-Nihon CM Youtube Channel


Pepsi Momotarou Ep 4, Principal Trump skit, and Commercial Pack 2016 released


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Commercials pack August 2015 released

Comes with:

  • Mugicha VS Kaiju
  • Pepsi Momotarou Saga Episode 2 + 3
  • Saint Seiya Myth EX Chief Gemini Commercials
  • Shiki Theatre Lion King Ep 2-3 CM's

A lot of fun and cool stuff in this pack, in my opinion.

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By the way, I think we're pretty good with donations for now. Thank you for everyone who's donated. It's really saving our butts. I can't wait to get rid of our current computer and move to something that'll give us reliable results. We'll have a follow-up announcement soon about whatever computer we pick up. Thanks again!


Kendama Cross CM

Watch out, kids! TV makes it seem like you'll be a cool guy like Hikari if you use a kendama, but they just turn you into hippies!


Commercials batched

We've done a bunch of commercials over the years. Check them out, they're amusing!

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Garo Honoo no Kokuin CMs, 3 second cooking, Bikuu/Raiga promo v2

Just random commercials from the Honoo no Kokuin anime, since we're not doing the anime itself.

A few Garo commercials, more Yoshiki Risa is angry stuff, 3 second cooking, and whatever else is in there.

I meant to do the other promo that talked about Yami no Terasu Mono's movie and TV series, but I forgot.

Released a v2 to cover the 2014 movie line up.


Four Commercials Released

No Super Hero Time this week, but we've still got Garo and backlogs. For now, enjoy these four commercials that we've been working on.

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Cool Pepsi Episode Zero CM released

Pepsi episode zero commercial. A retelling of Momotarou's story.



New hero Jii is released


As seen on the Mary Sue


Final Mission: Go-Busters Alpha & Omega released

Also included are the premiere meeting (sorry we took so long to do it) and CM Pack 3

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Premiere Meeting thread

Also my Go-Busters translator's wrapup log, if it's of interest to you.

See you, Busters. Till we reunite in Go-Busters vs Gokaigers:

Japanese Commercials!

JPCMHD put out a best of 2012 collection of commercials. Check it out!

See more at their blog:


Daimajin Kanon Commercials and ep. 18 released

Uchuu Inu Sakusen with Takanashi Rin

Even if you don't watch the show, check out the commercial page. It comes with a lot of non-Kanon commercials that are interesting. Especially this one, Uchuu Inu Sakusen. Someone watch that and tell me what it's about. All I know is that it has guest stars from various toku shows, and that girl is ShinkenPink.

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Spaceman Jones is on assignment again 28-39 released

Tommy Lee Jones

In case you missed our previous release, this is a series of Japanese commercials that star Tommy Lee Jones as an alien investigating Earth. If you read Kotaku, there was an article about this commercial series a couple weeks ago.

Apparently they're still releasing these commercials. I think the last one was just released this year a few months ago.

These commercials are pretty funny on a few levels. Tommy Lee Jones is a great actor, and he plays the alien is totally deadpan. (He has a few speaking lines in Japanese. The lines are very short, of course). At the same time, Jones is also an alien in that he's just a white guy who's surrounded by a bunch of Japanese people.

Spaceman Jones' thought narrations are read by the hauntingly memorable voice of Taniguchi Takashi.

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Akiba 13 & CM Pack released

Sorry it's late! Even if it's painful, at least we released it. Here's the splash pics that we didn't end up using. Sorry to the artists who created them. At least people can enjoy them here. If you check our Akiba wiki page, you can find a link to a map of all the filming locations used for Akiba, courtesy of Luna (who also made the last splash pic).

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Future of Akiba: I guess there was a live event and some radio show going on? Guess we'll try to find that stuff. If it's interesting, we might do them. I don't want to make any promises without knowing more.

So is it painful to be an otaku? Sometimes I wonder about this, right. I wonder if maybe I should put more effort into getting a family or something. Or maybe doing things with broader implications than entertainment. I think these are important questions to ask oneself from time to time.

But I think entertainment can be important too. I go to work and take care of my old dog. I pay my bills and handle my responsibilities just like the next man. I think it's sometimes okay to just disappear into one's hobbies. As long as it's not all-consuming in a self-destructive way, why not, right? And this fansubbing stuff makes you guys happy, so that's good too.

In the end, I think that if we're all doing our best in our own way, that's going to have to be alright.


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