Daimajin Kanon

Kyouryuu Sen- Just kidding, Kanon 8 released


Did you know Kanon also exists as a book?

So since there's no weekly episodes this week, hopefully we'll get some other stuff out to fill the gap. Enjoy!

Kanon 7 released

Kanon 3 SD/HD released


Kanon 3 released

Note this is a joint with Skewed Fansubs, so please check out their stuff too

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DaiMajin Kanon 2 released

So... Nagasawa Nao is in this show. I think you should be watching this show.

Also, be sure to check out the Spaceman Jones thing we released last week. It stars Tommy Lee Jones as an alien impersonating Tommy Lee Jones in Japan, studying humans, and impersonating Tommy Lee Jones. It's pretty damn funny. Plus it's a small file, so you have no reason to not download it

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Shinkenger Toy Commercials and... Kanon promos

Who likes toys? We like toys. I guess you can also talk about the movie promos here too

New series Daimajin Kanon So this is going to be a joint project between us and Skewed Studios. It's a toku show with some really great music and a more adult feel. Hopefully this will turn out to be really great

Promo released

Comment on the news post here I'm thinking about doing a question and answer thing for the staff that'll be posted on the front page blog. If you have any questions, e-mail them in and I'll compile them, maybe add them to the FAQ.


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