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PGSM 32-end and specials old versions batched

Noticed the old torrents had gone unseeded, so I rebatched the old files. Dunno when the new versions from the DVD will be available, so this will have to do for now.

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QCers for PGSM?

Luna's hoping to finish up the redo of the series. We could use some QC/editors. Send me an e-mail from the contact link if you're interested

2003 week ends: PGSM 24 released

Last PGSM in this batch to release. Almost halfway done. Stick around, Gaim later today.

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2003 week: PGSM 22

So what were you doing about 10 years ago?

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2003 week: PGSM 21

Akira-neechan was so young ten years ago!

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Sailor Moon 20 DVD released

I'm a bit behind on keeping up with these calendar pics. We should be into February of 2004 by now!

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Sailor Moon 1-18 DVD batch released

We finally have enough for one of these. Hurray! Now we can take down the old one.

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So if you download the first batch then 19-50 and go "why is the quality of these so bad?" Please remember that we released those ten years ago. Man! Ten years...

Does it bother anyone else to see Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon used for the musical and in other instances that don't refer to the TV drama?

Sailor Moon 17 DVD released

So Izumi Rika (formerly went by Chisaki Hama) will be a regular on Gaim. Been a decade. Weird!

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Sailor Moon 14 DVD released

Hurray, another release!

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Sailor Moon 13 released

Introducing Giraffa Undead from Blade

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