The modern day fable continues: Kanon 15 released

Guest star Watanabe Ikkei plays Kanon's dad, Misaki Baroku. His name is a reference to Baroque music. A famous example of this is Pachelbel's Canon.

By the way, if you've seen Keitai Sousakan 7, you probably will recognize this guy.

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Kanon 11 released

Sexy Voice and Robo drama rebatch released

One is a 14 year old girl who has excellent hearing and the power to mimic seven voices, the other is a robot otaku. The two of them are spies!

So I finally got around to rebatching this series. I've always loved this series despite it being one of #TV-Nihon's least popular shows. The stories are funny but also heartful and sincere in a way that is kind of sad. There are a lot of quirky bits and quite often the story is unpredictable. It was just a really thoughtful and unique experience.

The actors are recognizable too. Nico is the young girl from Memoirs of a Geisha. Kazumi (correct spelling) is the manager from the drama Rookies. The father's been in stuff. Robo is from Death Note and Detroit Metal City.

Anyway, I need people to seed this new torrent. It includes the DVD versions for 1, 2, and 7 while omitting the original TV broadcast versions. Please seed this for people interested in checking out this wonderful hidden gem. If you need the files for initial seeding, please get them off the DDL forums.

Sexy Voice and Robo discussion forum

Kyouryuu Sen- Just kidding, Kanon 8 released


Did you know Kanon also exists as a book?

So since there's no weekly episodes this week, hopefully we'll get some other stuff out to fill the gap. Enjoy!

Death Park Game code

Here's another explanation of the code thing, this one sent in by Windruler. Thanks!


Release 2600: Death Game Park

We're proud to release our 2600th release. Considering how many toku actors are in this series, it's pretty fitting. How many of them do you recognize?

Death Game, begin!

Kanon 7 released

Keitai Sousakan 7 12-23 HD rereleae

Zero One

This release fixes a messed up file. Ummm... I don't remember which one. I'm sure someone will tell me, so I'll just update this post when I find out

Edit: It might have been episode 23

Anyway, check out this Keitai fan page. A lot of fun stuff

Kanon 3 SD/HD released


Kanon 3 released

Note this is a joint with Skewed Fansubs, so please check out their stuff too

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DaiMajin Kanon 2 released

So... Nagasawa Nao is in this show. I think you should be watching this show.

Also, be sure to check out the Spaceman Jones thing we released last week. It stars Tommy Lee Jones as an alien impersonating Tommy Lee Jones in Japan, studying humans, and impersonating Tommy Lee Jones. It's pretty damn funny. Plus it's a small file, so you have no reason to not download it

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