Gosei Sentai DaiRanger

DaiRanger 36 released

Another green episode, what a coincidence

Funny story, I had worked on this batch the week before the Dai tribute episode of Gokaiger. Then stuff came up and my harddrive crashed.

DaiRanger 35 released

35 released So that's it for this batch. For now, please enjoy some pics of the toys that I found on some site somewhere

DaiRanger 28 released

DaiRanger 25 released


Dai 25 released

Looks like I'm running out of DaiRanger pics for the front page. Send those in if you got them!

Also, does anyone want to do any KibaRanger or GoseiKnight splashes? Dai is 640x480 resolution while Goseiger should be hd size 1280x720

DaiRanger 24 released


Didn't notice this before, but Shibata Shouhei who plays Akomaru also plays Hiroshi in Kamen Rider ZO

Dai 24 released

Dai 21 released

Dai 21 released

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Also, this is a pretty awesome DaiRanger page. It's full of icons, animated gifs and stuff. Check it out:



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