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DaiRanger 27 released

Look who visited the last Rescue Fire live show. It's the original R1 himself (and Ryou's actor). That expression he has in the first pic is priceless, what a cool dude even now

DaiRanger 27 released

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Dance contest ends in six days!

Have you ever wondered what are TN's active projects? Wonder no more, we have an active project forum section devoted to what we ostensibly will get to sooner or (more likely) later. Unless we outright cancel it or it was pulled because it was licensed, we probably still have every intention of continuing with it.

Rescue Fire 34-51 batch

Oops, looks like episodes 34-38 aren't in the batch. I'll remake that later

Rescue Fire last SD batch released

It's summer, if you missed it the first time, here's your chance to get it now!

Also, the last Rescue Fire show looks great. Looks like R4 and R5 from Rescue Force were the guests. Looked pretty cool!

You can see the official page for it here

They mention a few interesting things like how the series lasted two years and how the world is shared with Ryukendo's world. If you click the link you can see dialogue from the actors and other stuff

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