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4.72 out of 5 (7 votes) So while not as beloved as some of the other shows we do, the ones who've seen it really like it. Check out our recently rereleased Blu-ray versions, would you kindly?

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Keitai Sousakan 7 37-45 Blu-ray versions And Extras released

Blu-ray release FAQ

Remember no episode 46, because we had previously mislabled a special as an episode. The current release corrects that.

The music videos are new encodes in h264 codec mp4 format. We did some QC on them as well. The source video is whatever we had before (I had a DVD for the Rain music video. I think we just had random encodes as raws for the rest.)

Thank you to Azazel and all the QCers who worked on this new batch of Keitai Sousakan.

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Looks like we don't have a poll for this series. I'm going to set it for a month, so please vote and let your opinion on the series be heard:

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Devil Kei is watching you poop.


Keitai Sousakan 7 Blu-ray edition 1-18 released

Az went crazy and bought all the Blu-rays for the series and redid them. So please enjoy!


Wiki / Forum

I listed the wiki first since it's probably easier to find the episode thread going through there. Links should be in the nav box.

The episode pages themselves are quite sparse. I have the guest page here, but haven't added them to the episode pages themselves.

Hopefully we'll have the music videos and stuff done for the next batch release!

Keitai Sousakan 7 redone on Blu-rays?

We could use some qcers to take a look at the new Blu-ray versions. If you're interested, send me a forum PM.

Keitai Sousakan 7 35-46 SD batch remade

Included files:

  • Aikawa Nanase's Yumemiru Shoujo Ja Irarenai 3 music videos
  • Sands of Time mv
  • Wake you up mv
  • Rain mv
  • CM
  • Cut scenes
  • Keitai Nights
  • Keitaihen mv
  • Mutters 1-2
  • Next 1-2
  • X-mas Special

Oh, and we're rebatching stuff because someone on the forum called us out on it:

Keitai Sousakan 7 12-23 HD rereleae

Zero One

This release fixes a messed up file. Ummm... I don't remember which one. I'm sure someone will tell me, so I'll just update this post when I find out

Edit: It might have been episode 23

Anyway, check out this Keitai fan page. A lot of fun stuff

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