Mr. Green sung live released


This is one of my favorite toku-related songs of all time. MagiRanger the best! Mr. Green, you are indeed my hero.

Wizard 28 released and omake!

Omake means bonus. Yes, I'm doing this on the front page too.

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Just the beginning / Beastbite MV


Fourze Movie, Voyagers MV, Ganbaride CM and Junction 7 released

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Sorry this took way longer than we were expecting it to. A lot of great guests in this movie. And it's a fun movie to boot. Check it out! Tsuchiya Anna sings the theme song which also has a music video that we released.

Wizard 19 and Strength of the earth MV released

Captain Nemo went away, 5, 4, 3, 2...

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Looks like the SD data on the torrent isn't updating, but it's active. Must be a glitch or something.

Kamen Rider Wizard lyrics


Oh yeah, for the last two weeks now we've been using the corrected opening lyrics for Wizard. Meant to mention it with the release of the music video.

Kamen Rider Wizard 11 & Music Videos released


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Difference between the music video versions:

-We had an HD raw for the normal version.

-I bought the Ikusa/Battle first press version which came with the Battle music video. This version focused on the fighters. This is just a DVD so there's no HD version for it.

-I didn't pick up the Oni/Kiryuin version because I had no idea what it was. But I think it'd be safe to say it's the version that focuses on the singer, so screw that.

Life is showtime wiki article

The Climax Never Ends (Fourze 31-32DC, Deleted Scenes, Evolvin' Storm) Released


Bunch of trivia in the forum thread since the wiki is down.

Items in the release this time are:

  • Climax Episode (Episodes 31-32 director's cut)
  • Deleted Scenes for episodes 21-22, 29-30
  • Evolvin' Storm Music Video

And yeah, we're working on Super Hero Taisen. Thank you for your patience. This is a big one.

Miura Ryosuke's Natsu Da Yo Honey Music Video

If you're a fan of Ankh or Beetle Sazer, maybe check this out.

Kairiki on the forums subbed it. Check it out here: Thread


May'n Intervew on Anime News Network

You might know her from the two Fourze songs that she sings, "Giant Step" and "Cosmic Mind". Anyway, seems like she's a Sailor Moon fan too. Check it out, she'll be touring in the US too.

Fourze 31 cancelled, Instead we bring you the Shin-chan special

By the way, did you know the girl from Ryuusei's school last week was Natsui Runa who played Kaoru on Shinkenger?

To make up for the lack of episode, here's the Bounce Back music video

By the way, Bounce Back was done by SoutherN. They chose this name because S and N like the magnet poles and because the main singer's name is Minami, which means "South" in Japanese.

Best Super Sentai music video ever

Just watch it, you won't be disappointed. Thanks to Mag for linking it.

Decade rebatched. 25-29 with some movies. 30-31 and W & Decade Movie.


Split up the batches so they should be easier to digest now. Also added the missing music videos and promos.

Kamen Rider Fourze 16 and Switch On MV released

Img Img
Tsuchiya Anna looking like Christina Ricci, kind of hot.

Img Img
Looking like Ankh, not so much.

Sixteen, OK!

Switch On, Switch Off. Switch On, Switch Off.

Kamen Rider Eternal HD released

Fire gurlFire gurlTakanashi Rin

There's the HD version

So here's our heroines for this movie. Takanashi Rin (ShinkenPink) also appears in the music video for this movie.

I also completely forgot that we have some other guest actors. There's also Tomita Shou who was AbareBlue:


And we also have Hitomi Sanae who was the stunt woman for yellows from Boukenger to Go-Onger, plus ShinkenPink (it's a reunion of the ShinkenPinks!) annnnd she was Heat Dopant (it's a W reunion!) plus she was Fire-3 From Rescue Fire. Good to see her in an unmasked role:

Hitomi Sanae

Kamen Rider Eternal SD and takenoko cut released


And the SD includes the music video for Cod-E, the movie's ending song.

If you read my post, you'll see that I wasn't really happy about the premise of the story. Just too many contradictions within the plot and stuff. So... I recut the movie and changed the premise. And you can download my version if you want.

HD version will be released once the SD version is seeded.

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