April Fool's Explanation

So as some of you might have guessed, some of the things that we did or said on April first might not have been entirely true or filled with the usual sincerity that are the words that are coming out of my mouth.

In case some of you missed it, the SD version of the OOO release did have a small April Fool's gag. Here it is clipped out if you want to see it:

The thing that worries me is that people were fooled by the other prank about us actually dubbing things. No offense to people who do fandubs and enjoy them, but I'm sure I speak for most of the staff when I say that we kind of think dubbing are a terrible thing. Even professionaly done ones aren't good most the time. So fandubbing: Kind of a lot of work for stuff that's (in my arrogant opinion) probably low quality anyway.

On an unrelated note, I'm hoping to get some more equipment this week which would let me cap videos from my PSP. Any requests for Climax Heroes OOO or Oreimo Portable footage?


New Years SD version 2 released


Version one cuts off at the end

Time Vent: Happy New Years (to weirdo East siders

Time Vent!

So OOO was release 2627. We started the year with a batch of Keitai and Shinkenger HD, which don't increase the counter since they're not technically new episodes. So our first real release wasn't till January 2nd Rescue Fire 39 which was release 2257. Man, that felt like forever ago, was that really still this year?

For the new year, I'm hoping to work on some of the backburner projects. It'll be tough with the Rider and Sentai movies coming out on Blu-Ray in February (the 3D combo pack is cheaper than buying them individually) and Sentai Versus in March. The beginning of the year is always hectic for that reason


Merry Christmas!



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