#TV-Nihon Dance Contest



Have you ever watched a special effects show and wished that you too can do those moves? Well now you can, plus display it on the Net for the amusement of others

This is the Dance Contest submission thread. Record a video of yourself doing a dance from your favorite toku or anime and submit it here. You've got plenty of choices from Sentai (Aba to Magi, GekiRanger to Go-Onger, and Goseiger), Rescue Fire, Anime (HeartCatch Precure, Zoids Genesis), or even the Keitaihen dance from the Keitai Sousakan 7 music video. (Lemme know if I miss any obvious choices)

We've even got dance aides. Here's a thing to teach you the Rescue Fire ending song dance: ... aisou.html

Or you can download the HeartCatch Dance Lesson: ... 1523&hit=1

To submit the video, put it up on Youtube,, or whatever you like then post the link here. You can use costumes, grab a friend to dance with you, even submit an animated video if that's your fancy. There's really no rules on what's acceptable

Deadline: August 31st

After that we'll vote on the videos to decide a winner. The top three winners can get a credit in the active series of their choice (it's really more about having fun with the contest)

That said, let's try not to be total douchebags when people submit their videos. Try to keep the criticisms reasonable and not obviously rude

Dance Contest Submission Thread


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