Cover Your Man Hole (with a T-shirt)!

I've been intrigued by Japanese manhole covers since that one episode of Garo, and it looks like I'm not the only one. Japan has some of the most colorful, most intriguing covers for their manholes (no way to say that without sounding perverted, is there?) that you can imagine. So here's your chance to get a little bit of that beauty (and weirdness) for yourself for a pretty reasonable price. These guys are collaborating with regional governments to bring you the best of the best of manholes, so give their kickstarter a look and share!

Check it out here!

Kamen Rider Fourze Promo 01 SD/HD Released

Space space wanna go to space yes please space. Space space. Go to space. Space space wanna go to space. Space space going to space oh boy. Oh. Play it cool. Play it cool. Here comes the space Kamen Rider. Help me, space Kamen Rider. Space Kamen Rider, help. Space. Space. I’m going to space. Ohhhh, space. Wanna go to space. Space. Let’s go – let’s go to space. Let’s go to space. I love space. Love space. Atmosphere. Black holes. Astronauts. Nebulas. Jupiter. The Big Dipper. Orbit. Space orbit. In my spacesuit. Space… Are we in space yet? What’s the hold-up? Gotta go to space. Where we going? Where we going? Let’s go to space! I love space. I know! Spell it! S P… AACE. Space. Space. I love space. I’m the best. I’m the best at space. Oh oh oh oh. Wait wait. Wait I know. I know. I know wait. Space. Gotta go to SPACE. Going to space. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m going. Going to space. Love space. Need to go to space. Space space space. Going. Going there. Okay. I love you, space. So much space. Need to see it all. Please go to space. Wanna go to space. Gotta go to space. Yeah. Gotta go to space.


Artifact of the past

So Crubman found something missing from our archives. Apparently TN did another Deka promo besides the one I knew about before. This one is 320x240 and features different footage from the DVD version I just released (I'm sure it's also on the DVD as well though). I don't really see a need to officially support this, since the DVD version is way better and more accurate. Only download it if you want to be a completionist about stuff TN did:

Thanks Crubman. This was a neat find!

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