Speaking of Pirates


I didn't want to pass up on linking to this thread The poster basically asks what would happen if Toei or some other Japanese company gave us a cease and desist notice. To be honest, this is really the analogy that I had in mind when linking to the modellers getting arrested case

Are we really all that different? Think about it. Copyright and intellectual property issues are a tricky thing

Stoicism in Kamen Rider villains and a call for staff

Does it look like I'm laughing?

Interesting discussion fodder

Also, I think it's time to call for more QCers. We could probably use more karaoke people too, but QC is what I think we could use the most help with right now. What I'm looking for is someone who's got the time to regularly look over our stuff, is observant enough to notice mistakes, can follow instructions, and good enough at communicating to convey what those mistakes are. I'm also looking for someone who has at least some forum presence, so if you think this fits you, please send me a PM through the forum to apply. Thanks!

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