Kamen Rider Eternal HD released

Fire gurlFire gurlTakanashi Rin

There's the HD version

So here's our heroines for this movie. Takanashi Rin (ShinkenPink) also appears in the music video for this movie.

I also completely forgot that we have some other guest actors. There's also Tomita Shou who was AbareBlue:


And we also have Hitomi Sanae who was the stunt woman for yellows from Boukenger to Go-Onger, plus ShinkenPink (it's a reunion of the ShinkenPinks!) annnnd she was Heat Dopant (it's a W reunion!) plus she was Fire-3 From Rescue Fire. Good to see her in an unmasked role:

Hitomi Sanae

Kamen Rider Eternal SD and takenoko cut released


And the SD includes the music video for Cod-E, the movie's ending song.

If you read my post, you'll see that I wasn't really happy about the premise of the story. Just too many contradictions within the plot and stuff. So... I recut the movie and changed the premise. And you can download my version if you want.

HD version will be released once the SD version is seeded.

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Gokaiger 23 SD released





It's little sister appreciation week on Gokaiger!

We've also got the first ending and the Dice-O DX promo out.


Jintsuu 陣痛 【じんつう】 (n) labour (birth) pains, labor pains, (P)
While you'll hear tsuu often when someone says words related to pain, I wanted to point out the jin here. Jin means "battle position" or "military camp". It's really weird to think of how this combined with the word for pain produces "labor pains".

Also, listen for "zutsuu" 頭痛 when you watch ZyuRanger. It means "headache". Isn't that funny?

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Goseiger 35-50 and other stuff SD batch released


I don't really know who these women are, but it appears to be Goseiger related.

In addition to the TV series, this also includes the movie, some Dice-O stuff, and some toy stuff. As well as the low quality music video featuring NOB, the guy who did the Boukenger opening.

Another batch will be released that will cover the Versus stuff.

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Remember that you can resume batch torrents

Gokaiger 22 SD and creditless opening released

I know it's not a Luka episode, but I didn't have any other pics.

Gokaiger 22 released

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The word: Shouwakusei 小惑星 【しょうわくせい】 (n) asteroid, (P)
Literally means "small planet" or the more correct term "minor planet".

Kamen Rider W A to Z Director's Cut and Sudou Genki music videos released


Director's Cut


Luna Dopant, played by Sudou Genki, is actually kind of a talented guy. So please, enjoy his music videos and know that he can do more than portray offensive gay stereotypes.

I guess I missed all the guest actors when we first released this. There's...

Sugimoto Aya as Maria. She was Queen Beryl in  the live Sailor Moon series. This is supposed to be her on this Garo CD.

Trigger Dopant was Deai Masayuki who was BoukenSilver.

And Nakamura Kouji, who's been in several Ultraman shows. What's with W and Ultraman actors? And Sentai.


Gokaiger 15 SD and Promo MV released

Can you take the heat?!

So there's a couple notes in the thread this week, check them out if you want some trivia.

The music video is low quality because the only version I know of is from Youtube. As far as I know, there wasn't a DVD version released.

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HeartCatch Precure Musical Show?

Mizuki Nana Mizuki Nana

Kind of wanted to release this with the anime finale, but oh well. Two or three weeks after the fact is still good!


Not representative of the musical Not representative of the musical

Cure Marine cosplay / Cure Blossom cosplay

HeartCatch Precure New Years Eve Live Rocking Party Festival...

As performed by...

Mizuki Nana, a pretty cute lady in her own rights... and...

Some of these girls? Maybe? I dunno, ABC123 or something. I don't even know if the girls in this video are in this picture. Do you?


And including Queen from Kamen Rider W


HeartCatch Precure 43 and bonus released

What a great mashup


Episode 43

Kudou Mayu Music Videos HeartCatch Paradise, Tomorrow Song, Precure All Stars Parts 1-3, and something I found on youtube

The word:
Shintoumekkyaku 心頭滅却 【しんとうめっきゃく】 (n) clearing one's mind of all mundane thoughts
First two kanji are heart and head. The second two together mean to extinguish

New Sentai Project: Renai Sentai Shitsuranger released



Not really, it's just a music video. Still, if you follow JPOP, I'm sure you'll recognize the names behind this. Also, you might just see a guest appearance by some well-known space police.

Renai Sentai Shitsuranger

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