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So episodes 3 and 4 have aired, but I'm thinking of maybe putting off on working on this. I mean, I listened to three and thought it was sorta interesting. But the guests are Seki Tomokazu and Oki Kanae. One was the Alpaca monster of the week, the other is a voice actress who just happens to like Sentai (She has appeared in previous Sentai shows).

That's really tangental to AkibaRanger, don't you think? Not that it's bad. It's more Sentai related than the previous two shows, but for now I'd like to focus on working on some other stuff and seeing if the show gets more interesting. Anyway, if you guys were wondering where the new shows were, that's what's going on.

Wiki Article.

Complete! Oreimo Radio Transcript 24

Whew finished. And that's the end of that chapter.

Wiki / Thread

Oreimo Radio Transcript 21

I've added the transcripts to the wiki:

Transcript on the wiki

Looking over the old transcripts, I have to say that they're super inconsistent, which is regrettable. Hopefully the wiki version is easier to read. Plus, if people find mistakes, it's easier for them to fix things on the fly.

Transcript 21 on the forums.

Oreimo Radio Transcript 18

Transcript 18.

Subject of the Meruru vs. Maschera battle: Plastic Models versus Figures.

Anime Radio Site

Oreimo Radio Transcript 16 up

Transcript 16

Special guest: Hayami Saori.

Oreimo Radio Transcript 15

Sorry it's been a while.

Radio transcript 15

Looking forward to the second season!

AkibaRanger Radio 02 released

Looks like director Tasaki and Kozukozu's actress with AkibaBlue's actress.

Radio show 2

Special Guests: Hinami Kyoko (Blue) and Ogino Karin (Yellow).

Full disclosure: The songs and the merchandise corner were cut. The song they played was the opening to Gao and the Akiba opening.

There's the link if you really want to hear them:

AkibaRanger Radio 01 released

Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger Official WEB Radio (Temp Name)

How can the unofficial sentai have an official radio show?!

Thread / Wiki

If you've seen our Wakana's Healing Princess, it's sorta like that. We took the audio and placed subtitles on top of a static picture.

Oreimo Radio Transcript 13


Transcript 13

As always, you can listen to it streaming here:

This time the girls talk about Valentine's Day, games, how to deal with being an otaku around family, and more Internet slang.

I didn't notice this before, but the Otaku Girls Gather is the name of the group Saori runs.

So we're more than halfway done with the shows. Woo.

Oreimo Radio Transcript 12

Oreimo 12

Episode 12
This time we have:

  • Talk about the game and DVD release
  • The My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute stories corner
  • A discussion of cafes for males versus females
  • More sexual harassment from Kana-chan.
  • Looks like the next VS will be Sakura versus Sailor Moon. Should be good.

Check the previous post to note some corrections that were made to previous transcripts.

About #TV-Nihon

Radio TV-Nihon

Favine from our IRC Channel is continuing the radio station project. Maybe check it out? I know he's looking for people like DJs and others to do a radio show sometime. If you're interested, please answer this thread:

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