Presenting #TV-Nihon Fandubs


In an effort to maintain a connection our English speaking fanbase (we are mostly American after all, fuck yeah!) we've started a new sub group that will focus on dubbing over the shows in English. I mean... seriously, we wouldn't want to be elitists that just watch foreign shows in subtitles all the time. Reading? That's totally lame! It's not like there's any reason to watch subtitled shows over dubs anyway

So our first title is Masked Rider ZO. Be impressed by our team's fantastic display of acting and amazing translations. The best part? Since you don't have to pay attention to the screen anymore, you're free to say, give your best friend a blowjob. You won't miss any dialogue at all! Better yet, if you're super flexible you can give yourself a blowjob. Dubs are the new subs.

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