ZyuRanger 7 released

DaiZyuJin Watch out! It's Godzilla! No wait, that was for the pic I used last time.

Episode 7

Have I ever explained what the name Kyouryuu Sentai ZyuRanger means?
Well, kyouryuu/dinosaur (恐竜 from the kanji scary-dragon) is the theme, even though a saber tooth tiger, a mammoth, and technically pteranodon are not dinosaurs.

The pronunciation for ZyuRanger is actually JuuRanger since the jyu/獣 part means beast. The reason it's spelled in this way is because it relies on some outdated romanization techniques (The same one that spells shi as si and chi as ti, I think). So the official spelling is completely meaningless. It's the same word for "beast" that you know from GekiJyu/Fierce Beasts or HyakuJyu/Animals.

Note that JuuMammoth probably does not use this kanji. That Juu is probably this kanji.:

That's why we spell if JuuMammoth instead of ZyuMammoth.

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Goseiger 35-50 and other stuff SD batch released


I don't really know who these women are, but it appears to be Goseiger related.

In addition to the TV series, this also includes the movie, some Dice-O stuff, and some toy stuff. As well as the low quality music video featuring NOB, the guy who did the Boukenger opening.

Another batch will be released that will cover the Versus stuff.

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Remember that you can resume batch torrents

Dice-O December 2010 released


One last thing to get out of the way before releasing the Goseiger batch.

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Versus Theater 15-17

Looks like the file names are spelled wrong. Please change the "Senati" into "Sentai", especially if you work to upload the files for the direct download forum. Thanks!


Super Sentai Theater HD released w/ Goseiger Last Epic SD version

Why don't people make charts like this anymore? They're super interesting.

Super Sentai Versus Theater thread

Goseiger Last Epic. Remember, same as the SD version. DVD only.

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Goseiger Returns and Versus Theater Series Versus Theater SD released


Goseiger Last Epic And more stuff like toy commercials, the music video promo for the opening, and movie trailers that come with the DVD. Note: The HD release will have the same SD files. That's because Goseiger Returns was a DVD-only release. No Blu-ray. Thanks Toei. So some files will be duplicated if you get both torrent batches.

Plus we released the Super Sentai Versus Series Theater SD version. (HD coming up, I just wanted to stagger the releases.) Fair warning, they do talk about the movies and the shows they're based on, so there's some spoilers. But if you like Sentai, hopefully you'll enjoy the tour that the Goseigers take us through.

Edit: If you don't know what the Super Sentai Versus Theater thing is. It's simply the Sentai Versus movies chopped up into half hour chunks and then aired before the Goseigers in the morning. So the Goseigers hosted the intro and outro to the show, this is the part that we've subbed.

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Gokaiger 22 SD and creditless opening released

I know it's not a Luka episode, but I didn't have any other pics.

Gokaiger 22 released

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The word: Shouwakusei 小惑星 【しょうわくせい】 (n) asteroid, (P)
Literally means "small planet" or the more correct term "minor planet".

Gokaiger 19 SD released


Check out the awesome bonus that Petrkr made (after the episode)

Funyafunya ふにゃふにゃ (adj-na,adv,n,vs) soft, limp

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Trivia: Did you know that italicized words are used to represent either thoughts or not in-person words as well as foreign words?

Also, the picture at the front of our videos is called a splash screen.

Gokaiger 18 HD released

JustwhatLuka looking at

Helllooo ladies
Hmmm, just what is Luka looking at? She doesn't look into the camera in any of the shots.

Toku Comics (and fanart)

So I've fallen behind on doing translations for the comics. I just did them in a batch and dropped them in this thread here:

Toku comics thread


I also found this last night. I guess it's better than before, but the problem of them looking indistinguishable from each other still kind of exists. Den-O and Faiz/Ryuki look exactly the same. And I thought Kiva was Agito for a bit. And do you remember how OOO is all green in his base form?

I know these complaints are silly and nitpicky since it's just Kamen Rider Girls, but if your whole deal is being based on something people like and it's ignored, then the whole point of the thing is ruiined. It's sort of the logic that goes into half-hearted movies based on things people like, like video game movies. Too many spinoffs try to succeed based on name or brand recognition instead of capturing what it is that people like about the original thing.


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