Gokaiger 17 SD released


Received this one this morning. Guess people really do like shipping Marvelous to Ahim, don't they?

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The Word:
Konshin渾身 【こんしん】 (n) with all one's might, with one's whole body
Shin means body. Kon means "whole, all" in every example that I've found except when it's the "ada" in "adana" or "nickname"

Gokaiger 15 HD released

Man, I wish this jacket were canon

Gokaiger 15 in HD released!


Gokaiger 15 SD and Promo MV released

Can you take the heat?!

So there's a couple notes in the thread this week, check them out if you want some trivia.

The music video is low quality because the only version I know of is from Youtube. As far as I know, there wasn't a DVD version released.

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Gokaiger 13 SD released

Koike Yui

Finally a GokaiPink episode. Kind of makes me want to go back and watch the last episode of KR W to see how she looked back then. Edit: Oh, she was in Rescue Fire 13? Everyone go download that batch and check that for me. Thanks!

Dunno when the HD will be out.

The word:
Rouhou 朗報 【ろうほう】 (n) good news, (P)
Hou is report or information, you'll hear it as a component of a lot of words that are information related. Rou is interesting, it means "bright and cheerful". The kanji is composed of the radicals "good" 良and "moon" 月

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Gokaiger 12 SD released


Gokai 12 released

Katanarashi 肩慣らし 【かたならし】 (n) warming or limbering up
Kata means shoulders. Narasu means to become accustomed to.

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Gokai 11 HD ver 2 in the work... maybe?!

I guess some symbols are missing from the HD version, so a version 2 may be in the works. Wait for more info or grab the one that's released for now, the choice is yours.

Gokaiger 11 SD released


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The word:

Kejime けじめ (n) distinction (between right and wrong), (P)
Interestingly enough, this word doesn't have a kanji associated with it in my dictionary

About #TV-Nihon I added a section to talk about honorifics and other important Japanese words to know. The wiki has a pretty good article about this too though. If you like Japanese culture, you should definite read them.

DaiRanger 35 released

35 released So that's it for this batch. For now, please enjoy some pics of the toys that I found on some site somewhere


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