Jyuohger 01 v2 released

Apparently there might be some audio desync, so hopefully it's fixed in this v2.

Ninninger 46 v2 released already!

Looks like the audio was messed up. Should be good now with a v2. Sorry for that, folks!

Ninninger 45 released

"Take him away!"

Only 720 version this week, problems with capper.

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Ninninger 1-23 Batch released

Have some batches since no Ninnin this week.

Please move your files over if you were in the middle of downloading before.

Jyuohger Promo 3 released

Watch out for the Lego man~



Christmas release: MegaRanger 51

For now, series complete! We restarted this series off DVDs back in May 2007. Wow! Thank you to all the staff who helped work on this show.

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MegaRanger 50 released

Listen to the MegaRanger theme on violin. Released almost exactly a year ago!

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