Kyouryuuger 35 released

Everyone gather around Nobu Buddha.

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Kyouryuuger 34 released

Quick, team! Group Hadoken the monster!

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Combo Rangers on itunes

This is my first post here, and I think you'll like to know the Combo Rangers, a passionate homage to the sentai genre, created by me and my dear friend Michel Borges. It's 138 colored pages, FREE on the iBookstore for a limited time! Grab yours today, review it and share your thoughts!"



Sentai toy release charts 2008-2013



Found these on 2chan. It's nice that someone put these together

MegaRangers 19-38 batched for your pleasure

Excuse me. MegaRangers and Friends will be right back.

MegaRanger 39 released

One more and we'll break into the 40s! Sweet.

What'll we release tomorrow? Who knows!

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Happy 30th birthday, Hirata Yuka!

I only remember because someone on 2chan noted it.

Man, she's going to be retiring soon, isn't she?


Hakase Reviews MMZ-02 Zuuban

Thanks to forum user Uzur9 for pointing this out.


Akiba 2suu Batches released

An AkibaRed shirt? How have I not seen this before?


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