Saban muscles in on Kickstarter Sentai game

It sounds like they're trying to focus on the positive aspects of the partnership, but it seems pretty lame that they'll have to give part of their earnings to Saban.

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Toqger 18 released

Alright! Alright! 18 departing now!

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Toqger 15 HD 720 released

Sorry, no one told me that it hadn't been released till today.

Toqger 13 departing now!

My name's Z but you can call me Zetto!

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Robert Baldwin interview

Dragonshandy posted his interview, download it here


Toqger 12 departing now!

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This week's episode includes a bonus video of a girl reviewing the TOQ-Oh toy. If you like it, please visit her Youtube channel and like and subscribe:

Blizzard Megazord into Bakuren-Oh

Picture editor extraordinaire Ehmar shows you how to paint your Megazord.


Toqger 07 HD v2 released

Hopefully this was just a freakish occurence. I didn't see any problems with the last few week's releases. So hopefully we're all good now.


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