TimeRanger 21-25 released

Does anyone remember Ebi's toy factory? That page was awesome. It was around a long time too.

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Case 25 - Thread / Wiki

KyuuRanger 07 and CM released

That ain't no Saint Seiya.

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KyuuRanger 05 and Henshin Lesson released

Who is that handsome, passing-through, mysterious Rider?

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How many more lessons???

DekaRanger 6-10 Blu-ray released

Episode 6 Thread / Wiki

Episode 7 Thread / Wiki

Episode 8 Thread / Wiki

Episode 9 Thread / Wiki

Episode 10 Thread / Wiki

Jark Matter language

Man, I'm always impressed by the work on both the creator and fandom sides. Someone figured out the majority of the Jark Matter language. Thanks to Strykor on the forums for pointing this out.


Jyuohger Final+CM and Kyuu Trailers released

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With that, please participate in the Series Rating Poll and discuss what you thought of the show in general.

KyuuRanger Trailers

TimeRanger 11-15 v2 released

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Almost back up to our original count! Hurray!

Jyuohger 46 released

Looks like Yamato's actor had his 20th birthday last November around when they filmed this.

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