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Thanks to JP for passing this along.


MegaRanger 44 released

Surprise! Another Mega release!

Mega thread / Mega wiki

MegaRanger 43 released

SHT may be on break, but we're still working hard. Enjoy a blast from the past with Mega 43!

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Toqger 34 released

Can you guys please stop capitalizing the Q in Toqger? It looks really weird when you guys do that. It looks even worse when the G is also capitalized, because it looks like you guys don't know how to unpack abbreviations. It'd be like looking at TF and writing TransFormers from it.

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More Sentai songs on the violin

As people pointed out in the thread, this lady has also done other Sentai songs. Enjoy!

Go-Onger theme TV size

Shinkenger theme (TV size)

Goseiger theme  (TV size)

Gokaiger theme (TV size)

Busters Ready Go (TV Size)

Vamola Kyouryuuger (TV size)

Toqger theme (TV size)




Shinkenger 1DC v2 to fix an audio

The original release was missing 3 seconds at the end.

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Swaggy site for our IRC bot

Hariken (Founding member, donator, and general good guy) has set up a download bot for our IRC channel. But even if you don't download via IRC, check out the cool site that he set up for it. (The banner at the top scrolls)

A Kamen Rider version is on its way! Look forward to it.

Might be out of date, but here ours tutorial for downloading from IRC. (Note, you cannot download from IRC if you use the mibbit web client.)



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