TN slips into a Power Rangers commercial

Congrats petrkr, your effects are just that good, man!

Thanks to the multiple people who pointed this out!



A show ends, a show starts. And that means starting over from scratch.

That means we need splashes, banner images for our forum, etc. All our usual stuff.

If you want to submit art to us, just e-mail it or post it on the forums. Thanks!

Kyou 48, finale vamola mucho released

Thanks for sticking with us for another year! Let's hope TOQ is as fun.

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Kyou 47 v2 released

Once more, with feeling! Sorry about the v2, but it happens. It's frustrating for us too.

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Also, happy Valentine's Day.

Kyouryuuger Movie v2 released

Just changed a few things. Most people won't notice

-1080 version had its bitrate upped, since someone said it was a bit artifacty

-Surround sound track added to all versions of the movie

-Fixed interlacing problem in the museum ad


Kyouryuuger 46 released

This pic is so adorable. I think it's a scan from one of the TV magazines that I found on tumblr.

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Kyouryuuger the Movie and Cut Footage released

With Nakamura Shizuka as Meeko, AKA the lunch lady from Rescue Fire.

Momose Misaki as Lemnear.

And the magnificient Tsukui Minami as Earthy. You might recognize her, because she's in Gaim 15. And she's wonderful!

Enjoy the cut footage segment, as well as a plug for a dinosaur museum.

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Kyouryuuger 44 released

Buy your clothes!

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Sentai Trivia Masters, we need you

Okay, now that the wiki is back up

Here's a couple pages that we were working on:
This is just a page for Sentai trivia. Like major firsts. Longest so and so's. Etc. etc.
This is a chart of Sentai members who had parents who were also Sentai actors. I dunno, just thought this would be an interesting category since I could think of a few interesting examples.

Feel free to add entries directly to the wiki, or note it here in the thread. If there's some contention on the facts, we can argue about it in the thread.


Kyou 43 released

Sorry, wiki's still down! Let's start the morning right with some Kyouryuugers though!


Civilian pirates

I'm always surprised by how normal looking Doc, Mao, and Joe look. Thanks to Davinci for posting these. Source is the actor's twitters, I believe the source link is in the file description.

Kyouryuuya Curry's connection throughout Sentai

A lot of the chart is just the advisors/mentors being regulars at the shop and knowing each other that way.

Also 2chan currently has a thread comparing American toys with their Japanese counter parts.

Kyouryuuger 42 released

Last Kyou episode of the year! Don't know if we'll get the movie done by the New Year, but we're working on it.

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Install! MegaRanger 40 released

Hope your day has been going well! Here's our second release for the day.

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