Akiba Tsuu 07 released

Yeah, I've got nothing to say.

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Akiba 6 SD and HD 720 released

1080 is still encoding, will be released later

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HEY YOU. Stop downloading your JaPANese ranger and get something AMERIKAN. OK?!

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More releases TONIGHT, desu ne.

AkibaRanger 4 released

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So like I was saying, we don't have a good raw for this episode, so there's no 1080 or commercials. Sorry! All we can do is do what we can with the resources that we have.

Kyouryuu 11 HD 1080 released

Go, my pet! Save the dino butts show!

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Kyouryuu 11 released

This picture makes me laugh. I think there's a guy on the forum with Candelira in this exact pose. (If  you don't get why this is funny, check out Go-Onger.)

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Kyouryuuger 10 released

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So we're slowly getting caught up. We've pretty much got everything going except for Akiba 4 which is still missing. But yeah, two Riders and two Garo's in QC.

Mr. Green sung live released


This is one of my favorite toku-related songs of all time. MagiRanger the best! Mr. Green, you are indeed my hero.


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