Go-Busters batch long overdue

Not sure why it took so long to do this. So here's the batches for the last SD Go-Busters batch and the random 1080 stuff.

Toqger 42 released

Taste the rainbow again for the first time in the new year!

Thread / Wiki

Ninninger Characters

Wrote up some explanation for the character names. All the cast pages should be up and with pics. You should check out the father character's page, he's been in a lot of stuff that we've done.

Wiki link:


Igasaki Takaharu - Nishikawa Shunsuke
Takaharu's name uses the same kanji as Appare/Splendid. It literally means clear skies which goes along with the weather theme of his family. His family name, Igasaki, is an obvious reference to the famous Iga Ninja Clan.


Igasaki Fuuka - Yano Yuuka
Fuuka means flowery wind.


Katou (Cloud) Yakumo - Matsumoto Gaku
Yakumo literally means 8 clouds or clouds in all directions.


Matsuo Nagi - Nakamura Kaito
Nagi means calm.


Momochi Kasumi - Yamaya Kasumi
Momo means pink, but in Momochi, it means "100". So Momochi means 100 lands. Kasumi means mist.

Takaharu and Fuuka's father

Igasaki Tsumuji - Yashiba Toshihiro
Tsumuji means whirlwind.

Last Ninja

Igasaki Yoshitaka - Sasano Takashi
Yoshitaka means fine weather, similar to Takaharu's given name. 
Grandfather of the Igasaki siblings.


Toqger 40 v2 released

Fixed a few typos and rephrased things to make them sound better. Check the thread for list of changes.

Shuriken Sentai name discussion thread

Good morning!

I wrote up an explanation for why I went with Ninninja (for now).


So I thought it'd be good to discuss the naming for next year's series. The shuriken and sentai part are obvious, they're just Japanese words that we all know.

ニンニンジャー Nin-nin-jaa however is written in katakana. It could made up of a few words. Since it's a ninja series, I feel like the middle Ninja should be emphasized, thus nin-ninja or Ninninja as a potential spelling. I know there's a dash at the end, but there've been instances where that dash gets ignored when romanizing a word into English.

Ninninger is the other way it can be romanized. In this case, it's a portmanteau of Nin, ninja, and ranger.

While we're at it, let's talk about the ninnin. Nin by itself can mean 仁 "Virtue", 忍 "To endure (or the first kanji in ninja)", 認 "To acknowledge/Confirm". There is a Ninnin 人々 which means "everybody", but I don't think that makes sense.

On the poster, we see the kanji for nin/shinobi:
忍びなれども忍ばない Shinobi naredo mo shinobanai
"We are shinobi, but we do not hide." since the word shinobi (spy, thief) comes from the verb shinobu (to endure, to hide).

So the puns are rolling already with this one. I can only imagine how many different meanings of Nin we'll go through.

Would you like to join the discussion about it in the thread?

Edit: Made a correction to the slogan which has a better translation. Thanks to Mac and Luna for pointing that out.


I thought about it a bit, and Ninninja probably makes more sense than Ninninger, so I changed the forum and wiki to match. Probably won't know for sure till the official spelling is out, but it makes more sense this way.

2015 Sentai series

It has its own forum now.

There's also a wiki page, but it's not ready yet. At the moment it just has Toqger's page there as a template. If anyone wants to help us convert the Toqger page to the new Sentai page, please feel free to edit it.

Toqger 37 v2 released


Needed a v2 to fix some really, really dumb translation mistakes. Sorry about that, guys!

Toqger 37 released

Year of the braces.

Thread / Wiki

Sentai band

Thanks to JP for passing this along.



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