Akiba 2suu 13 released! Wait, where's 12?!

Oh, it's in the batch torrent.

Please enjoy these splashes that we didn't have time to use. It's rough when you have a 13 episode series. I especially like the first one, since Luna posing is the best.

So yeah, this is crazy right. Why is Akiba 13 out when it normally airs on Monday for us. No, we didn't do it in record time, unfortunately. Tokyo MX pulled a nasty surprise on us last week. They aired 13 two days after airing 12, which meant we basically had 12 and 13 going in parallel, hence the slight delay for 12.

Akiba, you're an awesome project, but I'm so glad you're over. Doing four weekly projects is just so taxing. I'm an old man, and I only have so much fansubbing juice that I have in me per day! After work, I'd like to relax and play some vija gaems or something. Anyway, back to working on the pile of shame.

Don't forget to check out my previous front page post. I'm looking for guys to raid Japanese websites for images for our wiki.

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Thanks and goodbye, delusion sentai!



Akiba 2suu 11 released

Luna looks a bit different in real life.

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Weird Greens?

So Sen, Aniki, and Don, definitely weird greens.

Chiaki and Souji, not weird greens.

So Hanto. Weird green or not?


Go-Busters HD Batch 36-46 released

Yet another batch. Remember to resume if possible.

Also, if you're feeling generous with bandwidth, I should plug the

Torrents that need seeds page

Go-Busters HD Batch 13-23 released

Youko: J, what's kissing?

J: It's what Jin and Kei are always doing.

Youko: Where?

J: Where Youko can't see.

Also included:

  • 15-16 DC 720p
  • Movie 720p
  • Premiere Meeting 720p
  • Movie ED Creditless 1080p
  • CM Pack 01 HD
  • Promos 1-2 HD

Akiba Tsuu 07 released

Yeah, I've got nothing to say.

Thread / Wiki

Akiba 6 SD and HD 720 released

1080 is still encoding, will be released later

Thread / Wiki


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