Ressha Sentai Toqger 28 and DVD Special released

I think it's great when they make enemy figures/toys. What's the point of heroes if they don't have anyone to fight against?

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DVD Special thread

Shinkenger 1DC, Uncredited OP/ED from Blu-ray released

Director's cut for episode 1. HD1080 from the Blu-ray source. This show is rad, so enjoy it again!

Shinkenger Blu-ray menu. If you like this, you can find HQ pics of this and other stuff I've scanned on my tumblr. Follow, like, and reblog if you dig it.

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ZyuRanger 25 released

So we had this in qc, so we're just wrapping this up and releasing it. But that's probably going to be it for this project because of the licensing. So we'll probably pull the torrents soon.

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Toqger 23 v2 released

Not really a v2. The original torrents had the Gaim CMs instead of the Toqger CMs. So this release is to fix that.

If you were in the middle of downloading, just keep the files in the same folder and point the torrent at it, it should resume.


Ressha Sentai Toqger 22 released

Super Hero Time takes next week off! Apparently the "Now, right?!" guy's show is airing instead. Luna says it's because it's obon and all the kids will be busy with summer activities. Makes sense.

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ZyuRanger licensed by Shout?

See Luna's post for the general details.

So kind of exciting news, right? It just goes to show how you can wake up one day and there'll be a big game changer in your life.

But is it a big game changer or is it just one series that we'll have to pull? That's the part that I'm not so sure about. If it expands out beyond ZyuRanger, it can affect other series that we work on.

In any case, we do have one episode of Zyu about 3/4ths the way done. I think it should be okay to get this one out, but we'll probably end up pulling the torrents when more details come to light.

So don't worry. Everyone be cool and we'll get through this.



Saban muscles in on Kickstarter Sentai game

It sounds like they're trying to focus on the positive aspects of the partnership, but it seems pretty lame that they'll have to give part of their earnings to Saban.

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