Toqger 43-47, Versus, Returns SD batch released

God, Gravity Falls is greeeeat! Everyone should check it out. It's so fun.

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Gokaiger 04 Blu-ray version released

I always thought Joe was like Zoro from One Piece. What do you guys think?

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Ninninger 24 released

Why is Kinji hanging out with Sid?! Is he a Yggdrasill dog too?! Source

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Toqger Returns

Forgot to mention this, but this was Arakawa Fumie's directorial debut. Why is this important?

It's because she's the first female toku director at Toei. And I feel like reaction to this movie have been overwhelmingly positive. Not to make a gross over generalization, but I think having a lady director will inject something different and new to the toku genre, since men and women have different ways of thinking about things.

She's had a history of assistant director work from all the way back to GaoRanger. She mostly works on Sentai, but she's done some work on Drive and various other movies too.

Toqger Returns v2 released!

Sorry, messed up some of the bonus stuff. Should be fixed with v2's now!


Toqger Returns released!

Enjoy the bonus earworm from Luna.

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Ninninger 23 & CM released

From Kasumi's blog. I forgot that the actress shares the same name as the character. How funny!

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Gokaiger 01 & Promo Blu-ray version released

Just for fun, we're rereleasing this from the Blu-ray raw. We're only going to lightly qc this, so hopefully we can release these regularly.

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Ninnin Nini & CM released

"In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"

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Ninninger 21 & Drive 38 released

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The ugly ugly duckling~
Is actually actually a swan swan~
The ugly ugly duckling~
Is actually actually a swan swan~
Kyk! Nos!

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Ninnin 20 & Drive 37 released

Ninnin 20 & CMs released: Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Drive 37 & Junction released: Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Licensed daaa!

We'll be pulling them soon.

Sooo, let's put this poll up, What did you think of DaiRanger?

Edited article title to be a lot better.

Ninninger 19 v2 released

Just fixing an error in translation.


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