Ninninger 40 & CM released

Double screw up on our cappers this week. The good raw we have is missing part of the ending and preview. Sorry!

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Ninninger 39 & CM & meeting v2 released

There's interlacing issues in the meeting video. V2 should fix it. Sorry!

Ninninger 39 & CM & meeting released

Also, after watching the episode, why not visit the forum and tell us what you think? It'd be nice to get more people on the polls just to see what the fan opinion is from week to week.

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Meeting thread

Ninninger 36 & CM & Kinji Twien released

Let's think about our soldiers today. The Hardcore History Podcast has a real good series for World War I that you guys might enjoy.

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Ninninger 35 & CM released


Aka: Alright, guys! Let’s go go go!

Ao: We were going to do that anyway, Taka-nii!

Momo: <Why does Takaharu-kun have two Ninja Ichibantou…>

Ki: Fuuka-chan?

Shiro: Huh? My Ninja Ichibantou is gone!!

Star: Ouch!

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#TV-Nihon 13th Anniversary: Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger 10 Years After

Can you think of a more perfect thing to release on this date? 13 for us, 10 for them. Hopefully no bad luck!

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Ninninger 34 & CM released

Rejoice, Yoshi is in this episode!

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Ninninger 33 & clips released

Another female kaijin? That makes for three, right?

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Shinkenger 06 Blu-ray version released

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Man, this Samurai Sentai is good. I wish they'd do one for ninjas.

Ninninger 32 & CM released

I'd ship it.

Last week's episode got a resounding 3.1 mehs out of 5 from you guys. WIll this week's be any better? Vote at the top of the episode discussion thread.

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Ninninger 31 released

Baba Ryouma's character Ise Kiroku is a reference to Ninnin ending singer Ise Daiki.

Ise Kiroku: 伊勢喜六

Ise Daiki: 伊勢大貴

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Release 3700: Ninninger 30

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kikyou's actress is a trained martial artist!

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Probably should have saved release 3700 for the last episode of Drive, right? Since it's a mini anniversary, let's go over the basics.

We have a wiki, please check there for your information needs. If you have any feature requests, comments, or whatever, shoot me an e-mail. We have a chat on, e-mail me if you want an invite.

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As usual, thank you to our fans. We wouldn't have made it this far without your support.


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