MegaRanger 46 released

With not Drive this week, how about a MegaRanger?

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Ninninger 15 & Village Dance 2 ver 2 released

Forgot the subtitles file. Chalk it up to half being incompetent and half being at work when coordinating this release.

Ninninger 15 & Village Dance 2 released

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AkibaRanger received an overwhelmingly favorable 4.33, and it's not even official!

Think Gokaiger can beat that? Gokai poll!

Ninninger 13 released

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Kyouryuuger last week got a solid 3.97 out of 5.

How about Go-Busters?


Ninninger 12v2 released

Got a name wrong, whoops! See thread for details.

DekaRanger 1 billion years after Promo released

DekaRanger Robo judges you Naughty! Oh la la! Time for your punishment~


Ninninger 11, CM, and Vines released!

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Poll results from last week: Two stars 33% followed by four stars at 29%. I think most people are hoping it'll get better. We still have 3/4 of the series to go!

Toqger poll! So what'd you think of it? Yeah, I'm going to keep these going till we have a poll for each series.

Toqger character songs

Darkness ~Yami no Yuusha~
Oh hey, Nero has his own song? Some parts are okay, but overall I don't like it. Nice touch having the Shadow Line sing though.

Green Anchor
A Hikari theme song? Yes! We hear part of it in the background of one ep, but it's nice to hear the full thing. It's upbeat, but also really quietly passionate, which fits his character.

Choo-Choo WAGON
I surprisingly liked this song. I thought it'd be way oversexualized or annoying, but it's quite a cute song. Way to go Horie Yui.

Blue Lens no Mukou e
I was surprised by Tokacchi's song. I'm not familiar with his singing voice, and he sounds fairly masculine in this. Of course, now that I know it's him, I can totally hear his character in this.

Yellow heart
Mio's singing voice is really high. It's a little catchy. One interesting thing to note is that the lyrics were written by Riria, Mio's actress.

Sanjou! Narikiri GIRL
Unfortunately, I couldn't really get into this song. It's too bad, since I do like Kagura.

Noire Noire Nooire
Hisakawa Aya is a voice acting pro, and it shows here. (Sailor Mercury, Cure Moonlight and a million other roles.) I actually didn't think I liked this song at first, but after repeat listens, I can really admire how much range she has. There's something about the timber of her voice that's so, I dunno, maybe sexual? While not an overly sexual character, she's definitely extremely feminine. She's both a mother and a stereotype of a noble woman.

Ankoku no Arika
If Noire is a song that makes use of femininity, then Ankoku no Arika makes use of the Emperor's masculinity. Ohkuchi Kengo does a great job with this song. There's definitely a touch of loneliness and sadness in the song that's befitting his character.

Unfortunately, the other songs really didn't stick with me.


MegaRanger 45 released

Whoops, looks like I messed up the frame rate for this gif. Hope you're not prone to seizures.

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Nanja Monja Ninja 08 released

Finally released the ending theme. The choreography and making-of for it will have to wait til next week, since they're in QC now.

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DekaRanger announced on Blu-ray

Youtube trailer subbing incoming...


Meanwhile, get hyped!


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