Kyouryuu 11 released

This picture makes me laugh. I think there's a guy on the forum with Candelira in this exact pose. (If  you don't get why this is funny, check out Go-Onger.)

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Kyouryuuger 10 released

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So we're slowly getting caught up. We've pretty much got everything going except for Akiba 4 which is still missing. But yeah, two Riders and two Garo's in QC.

Mr. Green sung live released


This is one of my favorite toku-related songs of all time. MagiRanger the best! Mr. Green, you are indeed my hero.

Kyouryuuger 09 released

I'm watching you, sleeping bag...

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Akiba Tsuu 02 released

Try using our Outrageous Power!

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Defining Robo Names

I'm thinking about writing an article for the wiki that describes the parts of the robo names. Like Go-Buster Oh, I'd explain the Oh means King for example. Since a lot of names are made with kanji, their meanings would be super obvious to a native Japanese person, but maybe not so obvious to other people.

So I'll try to hit the big ones, but if you have any names that you want to request, do so in this thread.


Wizard 30 and Kyouryuu 08 released

Won't you be my umbrella?

It's catch-up Friday here at TV-Nihon. In the interest of moving things along, Wizard's 1080 is also released. Sorry again for the delays. We're trying to maintain the ship as best we can. Akiba's next in the queue and hopefully we can bang out Wizard 31 by the weekend is over.

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Kyouryuu 07 HD 1080 released

Sorry, things are going to be slow this week!

Kyouryuuger 07 released

Beware of ban hammers.

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New series: Abaranger 01 released

So this has been going on in the background a while. We're proud to release the final part in our holy dinosaur trinity: Abarangers. We've totally talked to Ais from Skewed and have his blessings to go through with this project.

So please enjoy, and don't complain about how we should be working on our other projects!

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Hurricaneger 10 years after

Looks like new V Cinema for Hurricaneger. Kind of unprecedented, but I approve!

What other series would you like to see come back? Blade and Deka next year?



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