Male vs Female Kaijin thread

Obviously female kaijin: Probably male kaijin:

So something interesting came up in the episode 3 thread. Apparently, the official Portugese dub or sub actually makes the distinction of whether these characters are male or female. So Luckyuro and Bomper are definitely males. While Navi is an "it". This post

Plus Luna has consulted with actual Japanese people, who seem to agree that Izayoi is also male. After initially thinking that he was male, I have to agree with people that there's too much evidence in support of him being male. He doesn't look female (see comparison pics of obviously female kaijin to ones who aren't), he's a page, and there's a definitely Ranmaru vibe that several people have picked up on.

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Ninninger 03 & CM sanjou!

Tuesday night releeeease! Eh? The pic is white and gold? Source

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TimeRanger 1-15 batched

And so he put his figures, neglected and forgotten, into the toy box, closed the lid, and tucked it away on the shelf. But as he turned, he thought, "Maybe again, someday." As long as we're alive, anything is possible.

Toqger 43-47 SD batch released

Last TV batch released. If you were on the individual torrents, please move the files over and hop on this batch to resume/complete your files.

What gender is- Alright just kidding

Saw this on the forum:

What Sentai series should someone start with if they're previously a fan of Kamen Rider?

Drive and Ninnin should be out tomorrow. Thanks for everyone's patience!


Is Navi a boy or a girl?

Vote here!

(Note, I'm just trying to generate some discussion. In general, please don't go through life placing labels on things, especially other real people.)

Toqger finale released

Thanks for choo-choo-choosing us over the last year! But sadly, this is the last stop.

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Go-Busters HD1080 batch rereleased

I missed the 15-16 DC episode originally.

You can always check our list of releases at the bottom of our wiki series page:

I've been recently going through and adding stuff to the lists that weren't originally on there, like commercials that contain toys/merch from that series. So if you think there's something that should be on the list that isn't there, let me know too.

As an apology for the oversight, here's Jin being wonderful:


Bounty Hunter Troupe Henshin v2 released

I stealth released it in the Kyouryuuger batches. Just a typo fix, but still, worth mentioning. Why you want to watch that video:

Kyouryuuger HD 1080 batches released

If you ever get confused about the chronology, check out our wiki:

Give it some time to seed.

Edit: For full disclosure, I think I left a couple commercials out of the SD batch (think for the VS or movie release?) If you want to check to see if you've got all the files you want, each series has a list of the relase file list at the bottom:

Kyouryuuger SD batch 27-48, VS Go-Bus, 100 years after, Bounty Hunters

Second and final SD batch released! Includes the Versus Go-Busters movie, 100 years after special, and Bounty Hunters. If you're from the future, that's where the movie will be found since it takes place in the Kyouryuuger continuity, so we're just counting it as the same thing (plus Kyouryuu cast and a shit ton of Sentai cameos).

Toqger 46 released


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We're the Bounty Hunter Troupe (Toei Hero Next 4) released

This movie was awesome. Unfortunately, it's only DVD source so no HD, but man is it good. If you're a fan of Kyouryuuger, Sentai, or Director Sakamoto's work, you should check this out. The cameos are also amazing, so check out the bonus footage too.

If you're getting it off the torrent, look for it under the Kyouryuuger folder.

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