Deka VS Aba Blu-ray source

Just SD and HD720 versions, because the HD versions are just a bad rescale. I encoded a 1080 version just to see how it'd look and it was pretty bad. Makes sense considering the original was just a straight to VHS release, unlike the movies which probably had some higher quality source material for the Blu-ray process.

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Jyuohger 26 released

Just going to steal the joke from the tumblr post where I got these pics: Toei clearly ships something here

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Jyuohger 25 released

How Jyuohger relations work<br />
How I want the relations to work<br />
You can also replace “relations” with “stories”

How Jyuohger relations work


How I want the relations to work

You can also replace “relations” with “stories”

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Ninninger 24-47 and movie batches released

If you like this art, please check out the artist's website.

Batch includes

  • 24-47
  • Movie
  • Returns
  • VS Toqger

Remember that if you were on the torrents before, you can complete the files by moving incomplete files to the batch folder.

Polls/series discussion thread

Was 2.82 / 5 stars in February (68 votes)

Now it's 2.50 / 5 stars currently (121 votes)

Take that how you will.

Jyuohger 22 released


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Jyuohger 21 released

Thank you, Naria!

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Jyuohger 17 released

Sela has a pretty smile, let her do it!

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Jyuohger 16 released

I had this comic saved from Hirata Yuka's twitter. It's an animal Sentai, right?

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