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Graduate one more time: Fourze Finale Director's Cut released

The trailer mostly consists of the new DC footage, so watch it afterward if you don't want to spoil yourself. Director Koichi talks though, neat!

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Fourze Quiz 7 released

He may be Stronger, but I am the strongest.


Fourze Movie, Voyagers MV, Ganbaride CM and Junction 7 released

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Sorry this took way longer than we were expecting it to. A lot of great guests in this movie. And it's a fun movie to boot. Check it out! Tsuchiya Anna sings the theme song which also has a music video that we released.

Fourze Net Movies released

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Just a reminder that we have RSS feeds on our tracker again:


You can use keywords and filters to automate your downloads once more.

Fourze 1-14 SD + MegaMax Batched

Oh and apparently Fourze batch happened too. Horray!


Fourze 13-18 and AkibaRanger 1-13 HD Batches released

So I was double checking the AkibaRanger radio website and it looks like episode 10 was their last show.

Super Hero Taisen v2 out

Some people had trouble with the surround sound track, so the version 2 includes a stereo track as the main one. The surround sound track is the secondary track if you still want it. Somehow this is your fault, Decade!

If you already have the file, Venares has a nifty trick for converting it from surround to stereo:


It's War! Super Hero Taisen Released!


We also have "We are Brothers" thanks to Yaiba. Also check out the cool GokaiSilver Dice-O CM.


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We Are Brothers

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The Climax Never Ends (Fourze 31-32DC, Deleted Scenes, Evolvin' Storm) Released


Bunch of trivia in the forum thread since the wiki is down.

Items in the release this time are:

  • Climax Episode (Episodes 31-32 director's cut)
  • Deleted Scenes for episodes 21-22, 29-30
  • Evolvin' Storm Music Video

And yeah, we're working on Super Hero Taisen. Thank you for your patience. This is a big one.

Mega Max DC Kitaaaa!


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10 days till our Tenth Anniversary, and we have nothing planned. We're probably just going to power through our back burner stuff and release that.

Kamen Rider Fourze Penultimate Episode & Quiz 6 and Junction 6

A journey of 40 years at the speed of light.

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Quiz 6 thread

Edit: So how about a bit of trivia now that I see that you've finished your drink.

Takahashi Ryuki who plays Kengo on Fourze was nearly Gentarou. He made it to the final audition for the role along with Fukushi Sota who got the role. Takahashi is also a D Boy so he was in the Prince of Tennis Musicals. Plus he was on High Kick Girl, as well as movies with other tokusatsu stars like the movie "Messiah" and "Mahou Shoujo wo Wasurarenai".

Space! Wanna go to space!

So chances are that you're probably too dumb to go to space school (or not crazy enough to solve Gamou's secret riddle). What do you do?!

That's where Space Engine comes in. I was listening to the Idle Thumbs Video Game Podcast and they mentioned this program. Apparently some guy took a bunch of data on known planets and stars and stuff and then filled in the gaps and created a simulator out of it. Zoom from planet to planet and star to star!

Fourze 43 and Quiz V3 released

So being a secondary Rider kind of sucks. Two never get a power-up. One only gets a power-up in a dream, another gets his in a Den-O spinoff movie. One is just a recolor, and another is just him with all his gear stuck on. How many does that leave for real power-ups within the show itself?

Episode 43
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Quiz 3


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