Kamen Rider Fourze

Fourze 31 version 2 SD out

HD probably later

Fourze 31 cancelled, Instead we bring you the Shin-chan special

By the way, did you know the girl from Ryuusei's school last week was Natsui Runa who played Kaoru on Shinkenger?

To make up for the lack of episode, here's the Bounce Back music video

By the way, Bounce Back was done by SoutherN. They chose this name because S and N like the magnet poles and because the main singer's name is Minami, which means "South" in Japanese.

Kitaaa is not always awesome

So I'm thinking about changing the current catchphrase, "Space is awesome!!!" to "Space Kitaaa!!!". I know it's an unusual precedent to change something that's been consistent since episode one, but I really feel like the current way of translating it is just plain bad. It doesn't work as a catchphrase and it's inconsistent with how it's used in the rest of the Fourze translations.

Now I know #TV-Nihon take a lot of flack for leaving too much Japanese in our translations, but remember that this is just another tool in the translator bag and a translation can only be better for having more options. For me, it's very important that translations evoke a certain feeling or reaction. I don't always accomplish that since I make bad decisions or mess up. Y'know, being human is accepting that you're going to make mistakes or that there'll be consequences to your decisions that you don't foresee. But if you guys are still here, then you must have faith in us as translators, so I'll have faith in you guys to trust our decisions when we explain them.

So here's why I don't like "Space is awesome." It's basically dumb as a catchphrase. It's not unique; I'm sure the Video Games is Awesome people have the "X is Awesome" thing covered. Thus, it's not very memorable. And it's not a catchphrase in that it doesn't work in any other situation that it appears. If we kept the translation consistent, we would have things like "Meteor is awesome!" (True) or "Oosugi is awesome!" (False). The fact that Kitaaa has the dual meaning of "to arrive" and "is awesome" probably meant that we should have left it in Japanese in the first place.

The original reason that I didn't leave it in Japanese is because Uchuu doesn't sound cool. It's weird looking and just isn't a very fun word. Translations should be fun. And Kitaaa is fun. It's fun to say (especially when it's done elatedly) and it works with the extra a's. "Space Kitaaaa!!!" "Cancer Kitaaaa..." that works for me and fits with Gentarou and Yuuki's personalities. I know it's a mid-series change and I know that people don't like change, but I'm hoping this works for you too.

Kamen Rider Fourze 29 and Junction 2 released


Ever wonder what the Girls would be if they were in canon? Probably some sister relationship or friend thing or something? It certainly wouldn't be Kamen Rider Girlfriend seeing as how Kamen Riders are sexless weirdos.

Kamen Rider Fourze 26 released

It's pretty cool how Fourze is an actual reunion with child actors who were on previous Kamen Rider series.

Taiichi from Agito

Amane from Blade (She was also a small guest in W too)

Suzuki Kasumi who guest starred on Kabuto and was a regular in Abaranger. What a difference 6 years makes.

So... what are you doing prom night?

Man, I can't wait for Super Robot Taisen

My favorite part is the robots from anime series that I'm familiar with.

By the way, if you have problems playing your video, be sure to check to make sure it's complete and not corrupt. You can do this by:

A) Pointing a torrent at it. If it's not complete, the torrent will resume it and complete it (eventually, assuming there's seeds).

B) Checking the CRC. RapidCRC is good for that:


Also, stop using your system's default video player.

Try Gom player, VLC, or Media Player Classic


Eh, you can Google the rest.

What it doesn't need is a bunch of filler original heroes.


Fourze 25 HD released

Final Form Ride!

Have you ever noticed that Fourze   in katakana is the last part of Metamorphose ? It's Phose time!

25 released. Sorry, can't batch Giant Step MV with it since I don't have a copy of the HD file. Just grab it from the SD batch.

Kamen Rider Fourze 24 and Bonus HD released

Fire! Bullet! Burning Shot!

24 released

Note that the HD bonus footage is in 1080p. Just trying that out since these are less than 5 minutes long. If it's an issue, the SD will probably play fine.

Fourze 24 SD with Bonus Footage 1 and Junction 1 released

24 SD released. Note that the HD version of the bonuses will be in 1080p since they're less than 5 minutes long.

Kamen Rider Fourze 23 released


Kourin man wo jishite!

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