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8th Anniversary release: Kamen Rider Special


Last but not least, what would our group be if not for the Kamen Rider series? To show the climax truly never ends, here's Den-O in HD goodness while you patiently wait for the Chou Den-O Trilogy. Hope you enjoyed these releases!

8th Anniversary Thread

OOO 07 released

OOO 07 released

The word:

Gamigami がみがみ (adv) nagging, griping

Yup, an onomatopoeia

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Releasing last SD batch for Decade

First though, if you're running windows, click Run (Windows Key + R) and type in mrt and run that. That runs the malicious software removal tool. It's not a replacement for an antivirus, but it's pretty fast and hey, maybe you'll find something

Decade GirlUndead

Second, here's the last Decade batch. We've still got the 10th anniversary show and the W show on the back burners, but other stuff is going to have to come out first. If you were on an old torrent, please move to the batch version and help seed that.

OOO 06 released

Pic brokenPic brokenPic brokenPic broken

Pics of Ankh stalked up found on his blog thanks to Bauffie


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The word:

Hoshigaru 欲しがる 【ほしがる】 (v5r) to desire, to want, to wish for, to covet, (P)

What do you want?

OOO 5 released

Ganbaride PicW pic

Must be Wednesday, OOO 5 is released

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Edit: Totally call me out on it if I forget to do a word of the day

Tousan 倒産 【とうさん】 (n,vs) (corporate) bankruptcy, insolvency, (P)

The funny thing about this is that tousan is a homonym for father in Japanese

Also, here's a quote I read in the newspaper

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have. And only you can determine how it will be spent." -Carl Sandburg

Yeah, you think about that

Garo 6 DVD and W Delusion 8 released

Oikawa NaoFujita Ray

This episode had Oikawa Nao (Arisa from Ultra Seven X, Kegaresia from Go-Onger, Wasp Lady from Decade) and Fujita Ray (An orph in Faiz, purple pajama wearer in Fuuma no Kojirou)

Garo 6 released

Dopant Chart Dopant Chart

Shoutarou Delusion 8

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Imagin Anime 3:

Imagin Imagin Anime 3 Box Cover
ImaginImagin Anime 3 Box Info
ImaginImagin Anime 3 Comic to explain the delays

Imagin Anime 3 thread

3 O's Released


OOO 3 released Hey, a Wednesday release. Not bad, eh?

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Have you ever wondered what are TN's active projects? Wonder no more, we have an active project forum section devoted to what we ostensibly will get to sooner or (more likely) later. Unless we outright cancel it or it was pulled because it was licensed, we probably still have every intention of continuing with it.

Edit: It might be worth noting that this week's Super Hero Time after OOO has a spoiler for this week's Goseiger

OOO 2 SD also released

Sorry guys, I should have mentioned that the SD was delayed because it was being reencoded. But it's released now, so it should be all good

Miura RyousukeKawano Naoki

Miura Ryousuke and Kawano Naoki

Probably should point out that Ankh is played by Miura Ryousuke. In toku, you probably most recently saw him as a Lucky Clover from Decade's Faiz World. He originally started in Sazer-X as Beetle Sazer though. Long is played by Kawano Naoki who was more recently the Gene Dopant in W. Anyway, be sure to enlarge Long's pic, even though you should be checking all the pictures posted here every time. Some of it is good stuff which isn't obvious from the thumbnail


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OOO 02 released


OOO 02

This week's word:

Furou 浮浪 【ふろう】 (n,vs) vagrancy, vagabondage, wander around The narrator uses this at the very beginning. Do you think it fits with what we know about the character?

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Enter the new hero: Kamen Rider OOO

KR OOO the first! Pronounce it like O's as in Cheerios

So I was digging in some dig somewhere, and I unearthed the Word. I found it and it's back

パンツ PANTSU (n) (1) underpants, (2) women's trousers

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Want to make us a splash pic or a banner for our rotating forum banner?

W Finale and Ganbaride CM released


W 49 thread (Garfield posted some really good pics, so check them out)

One series ends, another begins. Thank you to all the staff members who have contributed to W over the last year. Special thanks goes to Cheetah for doing double duty with Decade and W. W the last episode is out there

Complete series discussion

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