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Gomen ne

Looks like there's some mistakes in 36 and 37 and we'll be doing version 2's of them. Click the link if you want to see the details

Edit: I'm kind of surprised that no one's brought this to my attention before now. Remember you can always e-mail corrections or use the linked thread for such things. Thanks!

Additional note, this shouldn't be used to reflect the work that the quality checkers do. It's not their job to know Japanese, that's my job. Sometimes mistakes get through and aren't realized for three weeks.

Den-O 1-12 HD

Replacing episode 5 with a v2 to correct a video glitch

Toku Comics (and fanart)

So I've fallen behind on doing translations for the comics. I just did them in a batch and dropped them in this thread here:

Toku comics thread


I also found this last night. I guess it's better than before, but the problem of them looking indistinguishable from each other still kind of exists. Den-O and Faiz/Ryuki look exactly the same. And I thought Kiva was Agito for a bit. And do you remember how OOO is all green in his base form?

I know these complaints are silly and nitpicky since it's just Kamen Rider Girls, but if your whole deal is being based on something people like and it's ignored, then the whole point of the thing is ruiined. It's sort of the logic that goes into half-hearted movies based on things people like, like video game movies. Too many spinoffs try to succeed based on name or brand recognition instead of capturing what it is that people like about the original thing.

OOO 38 SD released

Primary color form
I thought this doll was cute. I call it Primary Color Combo.

Come on girls, let's go!

About #TV-Nihon

The word:
Anjyuu 安住 【あんじゅう】 (n,vs) living peaceably, (P)
A literal translation this time. An means peaceful, and jyuu means "to live (somewhere)".

Remember, no OOO or Gokaiger next week for Sunday June 19th.

OOO 36 HD released, sorta



Boo, looks like no one in distro is around. But the episode has been encoded, so you can get it from that link. A torrent will be added later.

Release 2700: Kamen Rider OOO 36 SD and Junction 4


OOO 36 released

We've finally made it to release 2700. Hitting 3000 shouldn't be too far off. We didn't have anything special planned, sorry, sometimes it's just luck of the draw. But in a way, having a Kamen Rider TV series episode be an anniversary release is very fitting since we spend most of our time working on the weekly shows.

So sit down, kids. Let me tell you a story. Every Saturday night, our magical workers will collect the raw videos from Japan, which is in the future for us. Our timers will work fast and furiously to have a pretime script ready for translation. Then sometime between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon scripts will be ready for typesetting and editing. Then over the course of a week, QCers will pour over the videos and we'll argue and try to polish the subs up. The reason it takes so much time is because, adding polish is really important. Anyone who has every made anything can probably attest to the magnitudes of improvements that each iteration adds to a piece of work.

Consequently, there's not as much time left in the week for working on non-weeklys. The staff have been talking about it over the last month, and I think I'm doing a better job about trying to do a little something each week, to help stuff keep going. the unfortunate reality is that we have a lot of backburner projects, and we just can't work on all of them at the same time. Stuff is usually constantly being worked on, but I don't think it's useful for the consumer to know the nitty-gritty details. I mean really, you guys just want to know when the next release is. So while there'll never be true transparency to the process, you can always check out our Twitter or something, where I'll sometimes drop a hint about what's going on. It's not something I want to put on the forums because, there's nothing worthwhile to discuss about it. Everything is easy to do when you're not a part of the actual process, and really, added stress and an artificial obligation to the fans won't get the work done faster. But at least the Twitter feed will give people a glimpse under the veil, so hopefully this will appease some people.

Not that I want to paint all the fans as impatient clods. Most people are pretty awesome and it's nice to be a party of a community who enjoys the same stuff as oneself. The donation drive for the servers every year is a piece of cake thanks to you guys. It makes me happy that we have a website and other stuff thanks to your support. So enjoy this release, and hopefully we'll have more backburner stuff coming out this summer.

Accel is playing commentary track at the same time?

I guess some of you guys are using a player that plays both the audio tracks at the same time. The only solution to this is

A) Find out how to select the audio track in your player.

B) Use a player that doesn't play all the audio tracks at the same time. Why would anyone want that?

VLC, GOM and MPC should all allow you to select the audio track or just play track 1 by default




Kamen Rider Accel movie released

Furikiru ze!

So if you weren't paying attention, the W series got two spinoff direct-to-DVD movies. Kamen Rider Accel was released in April and chronologically takes place after the OOO/W movie that is released this month (so don't watch it unless you're comfortable with some spoilers). The next one is in July and features Kamen Rider Eternal. This movie was pretty awesome, and it's more story featuring the characters from W. The guest stars were pretty good too.

OOO SD batch 1 released

Ankh and OOO

"You shall gather the Medals!"

KR OOO 34 released


Tori daaaa!

The word:
Kayui 痒い 【かゆい】 (adj) itchy, itching, (P)
This kanji is funny. The outer part on the upper and left side is a radical for illness, the inside kanji... the kanji for sheep.

About #TV-Nihon

Kamen Rider OOO 32 released


More fun with Hino and friends

About #TV-Nihon

The word:
Kudoi 諄い 【くどい】 (adj) (uk) verbose, importunate, heavy (taste), (P)

I'm sure you've heard characters shout this before


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