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It's Wed and OOO 15 is released


OOO 15 released

The word:
Yamawake 山分け 【やまわけ】 (n,vs) equal split
If you know any kanji, you can see the kanji that goes into this means to "split the mountain". Apparently splitting mountains come out evenly in Japan, who knew?

W Delusion 10 released


W Delusion 10 released

Just to whet your appetite while we work on stuff like the Net movies and Imagin Aniime 3 and stuff

OOO 14 released

Bonus pic

Yes, everything Ankh does is product placement

OOO 14 released

The word:
Shinpaku 心拍 【しんぱく】 (n) heart rate
Shin/heart is a great kanji to know, but do you recognize the white radical in paku? If you know the radicals, sometimes you can guess the sound, like haku/paku comes from the kanji for white. You'll see a lot of the kanji attributed to haku will have the kanji for white in them since it's the main one

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OOO 13 released

OOO 13

The word:
Shittou 執刀 【しっとう】 (n,vs) performing a surgical operation
Using the kanji for taking and the kanji for a blade. If you remember Shinkenger, then Shippitsu should make sense: 執筆 【しっぴつ】 (n) writing, (P) since pitsu means brush. See a pattern?

OOO 12 released


Remember GranSazers?

OOO 12 released

Today's word:

Netamu 妬む 【ねたむ】 (v5m) to be jealous, to be envious, (P)
If you know basic kanji, I'm sure you'll notice that netamu is made from woman and stone. Hmmm...

Kamen Rider OOO 11 SD released


SD version only for now. HD probably sometime overnight

I don't have anything interesting in my notes this week, so here's a picture hint for the guest of the week: Hint

Picture from this site

OOO 10 ver 2 released

Woman strong

Fixed! Da da da da! - Zelda sound effect

OOO 10 recalled

Oops, left out a line.

Spaceman Jones is sorry. Can't you see how sorry he is. We're sorry. So sorry. Sorry


OOO 10 released


OOO 10

The word:

Ii kagen いい加減 【いいかげん】 (adj-na,adv,exp,n) moderate, right, random, not thorough, vague, irresponsible, halfhearted, (P)

You often hear people saying things like "Ii kagen shiro" which is a command that usually translates to "cut it out". It literally means "moderate yourself" or "that's enough of that"

Climax Heroes OOO?

So who's picking up Climax Heroes OOO? If people are getting the PSP version, we can probably play against each other using Xlink Kai or a PS3 with a wired connection to the Internet.

We've been using the PS3 method the last few months to play Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker and Monster Hunter FU and it's pretty good for the most part. If you have a PS3 with a wired connection, why not play with us? To use the PS3 method, just simply go to the PSN store and pick up a software called Adhoc Party. The program basically is what allows you to connect your PSP over the Internet

Edit: If you want to use the PS3 method, if your PS3 uses a wireless connection to the Internet, Adhoc Party WILL NOT WORK

Looks like the game comes out early December

KR/Sentai Summer Movies


Agito/Gao 1,113,000, ~1.3 billion
Ryuki/Hurri 1,256,000 views, ~1.4 billion
Faiz/Aba 1,316,000 views, ~1.5 billion
Deka/Blade 814,000 views, ~1 billion
Magi/Hibiki 956,000, ~1.1 billion
Kabuto/Bouken 845,000, ~1 billion
Den-O/Geki 1,184,000 views, ~1.4 billion
Kiva/Go-On 788,000, ~.9 billion
Decade/Shinken 1,620,000 views, ~1.9 billion

Apologies for the inconsistent formatting

KR OOO 09 released


OOO 09 released


Remember no Kamen Rider or Precure next week. Or Kamen Rider Precure

The word:

Negura 塒 【ねぐら】 (n) (uk) roost, nesting place


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